The ShadowBox is available on Kickstarter with epic individual and package deals

May 3, 2016 by Mobile Beat

Versitility, Power, and Performance Packed


The ShadowBox is an all-purpose, battery-powered, color-adjustable, wireless LED smart lamp that is capable of average run times of 8 and 12 hours between recharges. It can be controlled through either a customized infrared remote or with your smartphone or tablet through a long range radio frequency transmitter (ShadowHub) …AND you can link UP TO 30 LIGHTS TOGETHER, all from your smart device.

This revolutionary, app-powered lamp was designed from the ground up to be a uniquely all-purpose, battery-powered, color-adjustable, wireless, LED lighting solution. The lamp, and all its incredible features is magnatized, durable, and performance packed. Available in two colors.

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