The Noise by Jason Weldon

July 15, 2012 by Jason Weldon

As I write this, I am sitting in my office, just after 9 PM and I have finally finished the last email from what I would call a very busy day. The team has all left, lights are out and the daily hustle has all but dissipated until tomorrow, when it will start all over again. It’s in these moments that I tend to find the answers to many of the problems that I face daily.

We are all consumed with tons of information, almost on a minute by minute basis. And lately it seems this information is telling us all what we need to be doing or what we shouldn’t be doing or what we need to be doing better…we spend countless hours working feverishly to be better. I mean, we can literally find out anything and everything so quickly, that it all seems impossible to grasp. In fact, it is downright overwhelming at times!

On top of that, we have phones that need to be answered, emails that need to be written, clients to be served, family to pay attention to and somewhere along the way we pay some bills and if we are lucky, get to the bank. Whew! Don’t you ever feel like you will never be caught up…that things are just supposed to be crazy?

And that my friends, is “the noise.” The noise will always be there. It is attracted to people like you and me. On one hand, we love it, but on the other, we feel like it will never end.

This is when you have to take two steps back and clear off that noise from your life. You have to find a place where it all goes away and it is just you for a few moments.

The noise is a particularly bad thing for small businesses. The only positive side it has is that it generally means something is happening. But the quality of that something is extremely relative to you. It is practically impossible to accomplish growth when you are in the noise. Being surrounded by noise makes it hard to think, hard to hear, hard to see and, worst of all, hard to dream.

If kryptonite was Superman’s weakness, noise is the dreamer’s.143-3759

As entrepreneurs, our company was founded on a dream, a vision and a risk to go out and try to start something from nothing. And it seemed easy at first, but then we quickly encountered the daily frustrations of running a business, a.k.a. the noise. But for continued growth and success, we simply can’t have that. Noise will do nothing but make our jobs harder and harder.

I bet the last time you went outside and laid down on a blanket and looked up at the stars was when you were six years old. I bet the last time you went for a ride on the swings, was when you were eight. And I bet the last time you seriously just took 30 minutes to dream about how things could be, or should be, was… well I maybe never.

Many of us have forgotten how important it is to dream. How important it is to think about the things that could be, and forget all the noise for a few moments. It is in that moment that you will see things a little more clearly; you will be a little more focused.

So take some time today to go outside and clear the noise. Take some time to dream. Get away from all the daily obstacles and let your mind be free. And I bet the answers to some of those questions will come to you rather quickly.
Go for a walk or a run, go to the gym, go fish, play cards, heck—take a nap! Just do something other then what you are doing right now. It is amazing how our brains work so much better when we escape the noise and let them be free for a few moments!

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