The Art of the E-mail Blast: Sharpen Your E-Marketing Tools, Part 2 – By Andy “Cubbie” Powell

October 15, 2009 by Mobile Beat Staff Writer

Another great Guerilla Marketing technique is the use of mass e-mails. Come up with a monthly e-mail blast that is informative for your clients. Some columns you might include each month are “Meet the DJ” or a “What’s New at XYZ DJ Company.” But it’s good to go beyond the basics and try to think out of the box. My company also does a little segment on “Wedding Traditions and Folklore.” They are fun and unique facts, answering questions like: Why do you have a bridal party? Why do you exchange rings? Why do you toss the bouquet? etc. We might also include a handy article from a recent Mobile Beat or Modern Bride discussing wedding etiquette or other useful topics. You’ll of course want to include specific info on your latest offers, with plenty of links back to your website. And lastly in the e-mail but certainly not least in importance, we ALWAYS ask for a referral as we “sign off.”

Adding e-mail newsletters to your marketing armory can help drive traffic to your website, attract new customers, and increase brand loyalty among your existing client base. It helps build a bond of trust between you and your customers. It’s also the fastest, most cost-effective way to communicate your latest news and special offers to your prospects. By sending your prospective clients regular messages using one of the most popular modern communication tools you keep yourself and your DJ business at the front of their minds. So, when they next need your type of service, they think of you first.

Your primary mailing list will be made up of anyone who has contacted you through your website, and potential clients from bridal fair sign-up sheets and other places where you’ve gathered leads. In other words, people interested in getting in touch with you, as well as past and current clients. Make sure your website visitors are encouraged to sign up for your newsletter and assured that their details are protected by the relevant privacy policies. (Keep in mind that using any other unqualified e-mail lists can get you labeled as a spammer. Also, remember that you should include an “opt-out” link in your e-mails as a courtesy.)

There are numerous software packages which enable you to compile and distribute your e-mail newsletters to your database of contacts. Look for a system that allows you to monitor the results (How many have opened your e-mail? How many have clicked through to your site? How many have unsubscribed? etc.) so you can fine-tune your communications to maximize results.

Another key aspect of success e-mail marketing is customization. You can tailor-make your blasts to suit specific subscribers or groups. For example, Bride A might already be a client, while Bride B is possibly going to use your service. Target your current customer with specific, detailed reception tips and a minimal “sales pitch” and send Bride B more of a sales piece with some tips, but something different-maybe shorter snippets or more general info (like our folklore piece mentioned earlier).

With a little work, your e-mail newsletter can quickly prove an invaluable source of business as you introduce new promotions, offers, products, or services directly to your potential clients.

(Excerpted and adapted from Guerilla Marketing Companion for DJs, by Andy Powell and Jay Conrad Levinson, available from ProDJ Publishing. (Go to and click on “Bookstore.”)

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