Terry Moran: Hybrid DJ

June 20, 2016 by Mobile Beat

B ack in the ‘90s, while other DJs labeled themselves with a specific genre of music because that moranwas the “cool thing to do,” Terry Moran went against the norm and molded himself into a DJ who didn’t specialize in one genre…instead he wanted to create an energy that laced and layered various music genres together for one killer set that would rock the house.

That mentality over the past 25 years has not only led him to become a multi-award winning DJ/VJ/host, but has also given him a unique advantage in the industry and helped with truly become a breed of his own: the “Hybrid DJ.”

“I’ve been for the life of me an open format DJ. It’s in my DNA,” says Terry, who owns and operates Crown Entertainment, serving the New England area and beyond. He has tapped into a dynamic range of events that are outside of what is considered the typical mobile DJ box.

As an eager and fearless freshman in college at Western Mass, Moran jumped on the decks at a dance because the hired DJ only wanted to hit on the ladies. Moran wowed the crowd with his “open format” style set. “I grew up in the ‘80s watching MTV, which was open format, so I used that to do the same in my sets,” says Terry. He was then hired to DJ in the bar/club scene and college parties, followed by years of proms, festivals, tours, sporting events, trivia, charity galas, corporate events, and weddings.

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