08:30am – A Different Spin: Behind All That Spin – Michael Buonaccorso

November 8, 2012 by Mobile Beat

About three years ago, after 21 years with Mobile Beat, Mike concluded the history of the Mobile DJ industry had never been summarized in an all-inclusive work, leaving a void, a lack of a single source of the history of what is relatively a new field, that of the Mobile DJ. Looking over 100+ issues of the magazine as a resource, the result was “A Different Spin”, the first and only book of its kind in the description of the history of the MOBILE DJ. Not only does the book include information on the concept itself, the development of technology and music, the issues of copyright, social interaction and more, but Mike also stumbled upon some stunning conclusions: the mobile DJ industry seemed full of contradictions and inconsistencies.

Very little of the book content is revealed in the sixty minutes, but what you will learn is the methodology used to take a critical look at the issues and problems of the industry, many of which have remained unchanged for over two decades. For a unique few, it will be a forum of inquisitive minds seeking relevant information that just may help them in a better evaluation of their business goals and decisions.

Michael Buonaccorso is the co-founder of Mobile Beat Magazine and the originator/producer of all 17 Las Vegas MB shows, as well as past MB summer events. He has been involved with the industry as a DJ or media professional for over 30 years.

This is yet another feature of the Mobile Beat Las Vegas DJ Show and Conference.

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