Tactics and Strategies for the Online DJ

May 5, 2008 by Tony Barthel

Chances are, if you’re reading this, you are online and own internet access. Don’t laugh. There are other ways that you could gain access to this information. A friend could print it out and hand it to you. Alternatively, you could view it through someone else’s computer.

The latter scenarios aside, for this article we’ll assume that you own your own internet access. And if you’re not: “Shame on you.” Are you still playing cassettes and spinning 45s too?

I’ve been asked by Mobile Beat to put together a series of articles together for the online edition of the magazine. And seeing the fine series that other writers have done, such as the excellent articles on hiring by the artist formerly known as DJ Mike Walter, I felt that a series wrapped around computers would be appropriate. 

This series seems better suited for the online edition of Mobilebeat, because chances are you are online while you’re reading it.

In the upcoming weeks and months, we’ll cover: music editing and production, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), website design and creation, email marketing, auto responders, and more.

I will cover basic and advanced topics that mobile Djs can benefit from. Having been online for over 15 years, I have accumulated more than a fair amount of experience in the eve changing world of the internet. This includes designing my own website by hand, writing the HTML code because products like Dreamweaver and Frontpage didn’t exist. 

I registered my name as a domain name (which everyone should) and will cover how and why you should in a future article. It amazes me that everyone, not only Djs, doesn’t register their name as a domain name. Here’s one thing to keep in mind until the article is published: Do you have an ex (girlfriend or boyfriend) that you aren’t on the best of terms with? If you answered, “Yes,” imagine what would happen if that ex registered your name as a domain. They could post anything they want on that page.

If your clients did a Google search on your name, chances are that the registered domain would rank the highest. What would your ex put on that page?

Anything he or she wants. Think about it.  

If there is a topic that is computer related that you would like covered in an article, email it to raymardo@yahoo.com with online article in the subject field.

Until next week.

Raymond A. Mardo III (Raymardo) has been in the entertainment field nearly his entire life. As a rookie, he earned awards at top east coast DJ companies where he also provided training. Mardo then published “Making Money As A Mobile Entertainer” and was featured in magazines like Entrepreneur which listed his LGR Entertainment company in their top 500 businesses in the nation. Under the name “Natural Attraction,” Raymardo released “Get Stupid” on Radikal/Popular Records in 15 countries. He now spends his time running online ventures, in film production, and writing. He’s received honors from the film festivals: Austin, Slamdance, and Scriptapalooza and just completed his third novel entitled “Follow The Rabbit.”   

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Anthony (Tony) Barthel has been a DJ since 1986 with a unique take on marketing that has resulted in over 1,000 events personally performed. In that time Tony’s weird sense of humor and unique perspective on the world got him started collecting these stories and sharing them with friends and other wedding professionals. Born in Baden, Switzerland Tony celebrates the unusual and outlandish as part of his lifestyle. He was married to Peggy Sue in 2005 in what his friends describe as the most unusual wedding ceremony and reception they’ve ever been to. The ceremony was in a 1928 movie theater complete with giant Wurlitzer Theater Pipe Organ and the reception lasted for two days including a gathering in an ocean side lagoon with 400 of their closest friends.

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