Swift and Psy new Top 30 Safe Songs

October 2, 2012 by Ric Hansen

Who would ever guess we would find a Taylor Swift song charting on “Rhythmic Top 40 stations” but it has….making her the current crossover queen…“We are never ever getting back together” is being played on Pop, Adult Contemporary, Country and now Rhythmic stations.  Amazing.  No wonder she is listed as the 3rd highest paid female celebrity in the last year.  (Oprah is still number one- Britney Spears #2).

Klingon Style

Then there is the phenomena out of South Korea….Gangnam Style  is about the hottest thing going at school dances.  So hot that even the parody song Klingon Style has gotten over 2 million views on YouTube.

Safe Songs Top 30 from the  School Dance Network

If you do school dances and are not a member of the SDN you should be.  Check it out here. 

LW TW Artist Title Notes/info Prime Cuts # BPM Edit
4 1 Pink Blow Me One Last Kiss Must have multiple “shits” edited 201228 114 Yes
2 2 Rihanna Where have you been 201216 128
7 3 Justin Bieber As Long As You Love Me 201227 71
1 4 Ellie Goulding Lights 201109 120
3 5 Maroon 5 Payphone Wiz Kjalifa 201217 111 Yes
10 6 Nicki Minaj Pound the Alarm Edit out the B word 201227 126 Yes
6 7 David Guetta Titanium 201230 125
11 8 David Guetta/ Chris Brown I Can Only Imagine 201230 127
5 9 Katy Perry Wide Awake 201223 80
12 10 Trey Songz Heart Attack 201214 75 Yes
8 11 Calvin  Harris Lets Go w/Neyo 201212 128
15 12 Ne-Yo Let me Love You 201229 124
9 13 Carly Jepsen Call Me Maybe 201210 120
17 14 Maroon 5 One More Night 201229 93 Yes
13 15 Cher Lloyd Want U Back 201206 98
14 16 Havana Brown-Pitbull We Run The Night 201216 128
17 Psy Gangnam Style 201237 132
26 18 Chris Brown Don’t Wake Me Up 201221 128
29 19 Enrique Iglesias Finally Found You 201236 129
21 20 Karmin Hello 201230 128
30 21 Usher Numb 201233 125
16 22 Pitbull/Shakira Get it Started 201234 128
23 Taylor Swift We are never getting back together 201234 86
18 24 Kelly Clarkson Stronger 201201 116
25 Owl City-Carly Rae Jepsen Good Time 201227 126
19 26 David Guetta/Nicki Minaj Turn Me on Just don’t watch the video 201231 128
27 Flo Rida I Cry 201238 126
20 28 Justin Bieber Boyfriend 201214 97
22 29 Taylor Swft-B.O.B Both Of Us 201220 63
27 30 50 Cent/Dr. Dre/Alicia Keys New Day Clean edit will fix the rap 201232 98

Klingon Style

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Ric Hansen is a Seattle radio executive who also created one of America’s largest event marketing companies that specializes in producing literally thousands of mobile DJ school dance events in most major cities across the country. His unique promotional partnership with many of the country’s highly successful radio stations has gained him notoriety in the radio industry, mobile DJ industry and with school administrators nationwide. His School Dance Network website (http://www.schooldancenetwork.com) is the go-to resource for schools, and mobile DJs looking to provide safe, clean and age appropriate dance events, yet at the same time provide high-energy and engaging dance events for teens.

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