Stanton Deckadance Launches v2.60 Professional DJ Mixing and Performance Solution

April 28, 2016 by Ryan

Stanton’s Deckadance, the acclaimed DJ mixing and performing solution with Digital Vinyl System support, continues its commitment to improvement and innovation with version 2.60.4decks_browser

This new version features unlimited snapshots for deck and mixer settings (including EQ, FX, and Key), and all snapshots are integrated into the song manager for quick, easy access. Recall and save all settings—or just those specified by the built-in masking engine—at the push of a button or keyboard shortcut.

Another exciting new feature, the Layouts drop-down menu, adds three new layouts: Two deck or four deck horizontal, with miniature decks on the left and horizontal stacked, zoomable waveforms across the screen; and a Maximized Library layout. This provides a large song list viewing area for working on your playlists, along with two miniature decks and mixer for track sampling—and a single space bar press alternates between this and the previously-loaded layout.
Deckadance continues its tradition of exceptional compatibility with features like native remote DJ support for dozens of controllers, MIDI support, vinyl brands support (like Serato Scratch and Final Scratch), autolearn mode for other formats, Windows/Mac compatibility, and much more.

For full details and to download a free, fully functional trial version, visit:

Pricing for the new software is:
Stanton DJ Deckadance v2.60 DVS US $79
Stanton DJ Deckadance v2.60 Standard US $49


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