SnowMasters Special Effects—Flogos-Lite

April 22, 2011 by Mobile Beat


SnowMasters Special Effects—Flogos-Lite

Portable Series

How Exciting!! From a 350 lb plus (24” size)/400 lb plus (36” size), 6’ plus tall road case to a < 70 lbs suitcase-sized machine, at 13” tall in transport configuration, and 36” in height when fully set up, with the same capabilities, the newly designed Flogos-Lite is lightweight, portable, and more innovative than before. It is a fraction of the size of the original machine, making it easy to transport, move, and setup; it can now be operational in less than 2 minutes.

Performance-wise, Flogos-Lite is faster, with dryer Flogos that float longer. It is designed by SnowMasters, now known as Global Special Effects, Inc., and is easily shipped via freight; Flogos-Lite can be conveniently transported in a mini-van or pickup truck.

Flogos-Lite is more affordable to a larger audience to purchase or rent. It is available in 24” and 36” variations, similar to previous model. It houses a built-in automatic timer to fly the floating clouds at different intervals or turn the machine on/off. When set up in its transporting/mobile configuration, it can be pulled, by one person, like a large piece of luggage.

Flogos-Lite is lightweight and can be easily stored, transported, and setup on stage, indoors/outdoors, and is a great addition to enhance any lighting designs, cryo, pyro, or other special effects; small size makes it great for touring bands too. Lighting and music becomes even more alive with floating logos or symbols flying simultaneously. Contact Global Special Effects, A.K.A SnowMasters. AVAILABLE TODAY!!

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