Smart DJ Tips: Should You Use Craigslist for Advertising?

December 14, 2017 by Jason Rubio

Craigslist DJs: we’ve all heard the Craigslist DJ stories. Many people say “check Craigslist, if you want to find cheaper DJs.” Why does Craigslist have this reputation? Do only new or inexperienced DJs post their “ads” on Craigslist? Do reputable DJ companies use it, too? Should you bother with posting on CL? There’s no right or wrong answer. My answer is, it depends. Let me break down the answers to these common questions and explain what we do and why.

Why does Craigslist have this reputation?  

Everyone knows that Craigslist is a website you visit to find used items that people are selling. You would never shop for the “best” anything at a garage sale, would you? Probably not. Sure, we’ve all heard that one DJ who found this awesome record (back when every DJ collected records) at a garage sale, flea market, or at a Goodwill; however, it’s a rare find. Craigslist is the online garage sale. Usually, most items on CL are lower priced. You’ll rarely find a client who won’t try to haggle with you, from CL. Sure, I’m sure you all have stories of clients who paid your rates, but you also have plenty of bargain stories. Bottom line, people look for bargains on Craigslist, which means if you’re not offering low prices, you won’t see many leads from CL.

Do only new or inexperienced DJs post their “ads” on Craigslist?

This answer may vary, but from what I’ve seen in our market, it’s mostly newbie posting ads. Sure, there are very experienced DJs on there, as well. It’s mostly DJs or companies, who aren’t operating on a full-time basis. This is the perfect place for part-time DJs or newer DJs since they’re usually lower priced than their full time, more established competitors.

Do reputable DJ companies use it, too?

Yes, companies also use Craigslist, but it may be for a different reason. We actually do post on Craigslist, but our objective is not to book gigs. Yes, you read that right. We are not trying to book gigs from CL. We know that we simply cannot compete with the DJs who are offering $50 per hour, or $200 for the entire night. People will email us from CL every now and then, and say “can you match this price” or something similar. We don’t price match, offer cash discounts, etc. What we actually use Craigslist for, is simply another place for SEO and links to our websites. Studies show that a client usually has to encounter your business an average of seven times before they will contact you. SEVEN! This is why marketing is so critical.

Overall, you won’t see a ton of very experienced, higher priced companies on CL, but it’s still worth the SEO and marketing for us. We don’t do like others and post 30 ads a day. We post the same 2-3 ads and renew them as needed. We know we will not get bookings from CL and don’t intend to.

The future of Craigslist?

No knock on CL, but I don’t think they’ll last another 3-5 years. Their site structure is dated and their prime time has come and gone. There are several other sites like Offer Up, Let Go, etc., that offer similar services, but an easier interface. The best one I found is actually Facebook Marketplace. Yes, Facebook found another way to dominate. 🙂

Up until a few weeks ago, I used CL to sell my old DJ gear or anything else I didn’t need. I found that I’d post something and get maybe 1-2 emails per week about it. It would be weeks before I sell it. Three weeks ago, I tried to use Facebook Marketplace in addition to CL. I used the exact same pictures and text. Within minutes, I had several offers! No one tried to bargain and I sold numerous items within an hour of posting them! Why? Because people are already on Facebook (over 2 billion users) and the user notification will come from Facebook, especially if you’ve searched for similar items. Basically, you’ve got a wider audience that you’re reaching. People spend an average of 50 minutes, daily, on Facebook, so you’ll easily reach them! Bottom line – wider audience = more eyes to view your products. This goes for advertising your services, too! We’ll discuss Facebook ads, soon.

What do you think? Feel free to chime in. I love to hear from our readers!

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