Slogan Trivia

April 7, 2008 by Scott Faver

1. “Reach out and touch someone”___________________________2. “Let’s make things better”________________________________

3. “We are driven”________________________________________

4. “Where do you want to go today”__________________________

5. “Think different”________________________________________

6. “Moving at the speed of business”_________________________

7. “We try harder”________________________________________

8. “Solutions for a small planet”_____________________________

9. “We do it your way”_____________________________________

10. “Fly the friendly skies”__________________________________

11. “The ultimate driving machine”___________________________

12. “Oh what a feeling”____________________________________

13. “The world puts its stock in us”___________________________

14. “The beauty of all wheel drive”___________________________

15. “The king of beers”____________________________________

16. “Drivers wanted”______________________________________

17. “Nothing runs like a deer”________________________________

18. “We take it personally”__________________________________

19. “Prepare to want one”__________________________________

20. “Don’t dream it. Drive it”_________________________________

21. We Deliver for You !! _________________________________

-Answers Slogans-
1. AT &T
2. Philips
3. Nissan
4. Microsoft
5. Apple
6. UPS
7. Avis car rental
8. IBM
9. Burger King
10. United Airlines
11. BMW
12. Toyota
13. NYSE
14. Suburu
15. Budweiser
16. Volkswagon
17. John Deere
18. Fed Ex or TNT
19. Hyundi
20. Jaguar
21. The Postal Service


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