Sell the Stuff They Want – Even If You Don’t Own It

August 18, 2015 by Geoff Carlisle

Think of different items that are used to create a company Picnic.

Sound system, Music, Master of Ceremonies – you got those covered.

What about the tents, tables, chairs, inflatables, catering, Port-o-lets, staging. generators, etc?

You can provide theses as well! When you are contacted by the client. Ask questions. Determine what they have done in the past, what they liked, what failed? Identify their PAIN!

Their Pain is your Profit! If they couldn’t really find a reliable company to provide inflatables for the kids (or adults)? Or the company that they hired last year didn’t show up on time? Or that company’s generator wasn’t large enough?

Be the One that can provide a “Turn Key” approach to their event. Remember they have their normal everyday job duties that they have to do. Being on the Family Day Committee is a way to get a break but the amount of time it may take to find, negotiate & secure a tent is overwhelming. Plus they don’t know what questions to ask.

Reach out to outside vendors & create a partnership. Ask them; What are the top questions that you need to ask or determine as you approach new clients in relation to the outside partners services? They will share the specific needs & concerns to make your job easier.images

How large of a generator do I need? Single phase or two phase, with spider boxes or Lug hook ups?

How large of a tent is needed for 150 people, tables, chairs, Food, DJ & dance floor. Do we need to stake the tent or use water barrels? Do we need lighting, sides, AC or heat?

How much power do the inflatables need? How many inflatables do we need for 100 people? Are the inflatables secured to the ground?

Make sure that the vendors that you Partner with are professional! Just like yourself, you want to make sure their reputation is good, that they a have great work ethic, have liability insurance that is adequate to their elements, etc.

Once you have identified the vendors that you want to partner with for events; ask them for a discount. 10-20% is standard. Offer the same to them when they have a client that needs your services.

When you quote the whole package to a prospective client, you can add the 10-20% back so that you can profit from the elements that you propose. Clients are happy, they are paying the same as if they secured the other services themselves & you Make It Happen!


Geoff Carlisle Geoff Carlisle (18 Posts)

Geoff Carlisle has owned and operated JAMM Entertainment Services, Inc in the Birmingham, Alabama area for over 33 years. His company does over 400 events a year including Full Event Production, Energetic DJs, Photo Booths & Décor Lighting. They specialize in creating a custom design approach for each client and. Overall JAMM Entertainment Services will provide event services for a wide range of clients this year including Colleges, Schools, Weddings, Corporate & Non-Profit Organizations. Geoff is also special in the DJ industry as he was the co-presenter of the School dance seminar at the first Mobile Beat DJ Show and Conference in 1997, since then he has spoken at several other Mobile Beat DJ shows, & collaborated with many national entertainment company owners.

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