School Dance marketing made easy! Volume 1.

March 9, 2011 by Ric Hansen

I hear you: “Help! How do I maximize my school dance business?” School dances are what I do. Maybe more than anyone in the country and I’ve been doing it since 1992. I’ve been testing, probing and analyzing what works, and sadly what doesn’t. Marketing wise here is the big tip of the day. Direct mail. Matt Ryan wrote a blot here on just that subject not long ago. Specifically he encouraged you to make sure you are getting your direct mail to the right person at school. You might want to look up that post.
I am here to tell you WHEN.
Three times a year: Just prior to school starting in the fall focusing on “Back to School” Halloween and Homecoming. The again at the first of the new year, just as they are getting back to business….the focus: Tolo, Prom and Valentines. And the third mailing? Right now. The focus again: Prom, Graduation, end of school parties.
I can tell you exactly how to create your mail piece, where to have it printed and how to get it mailed. But that is for another post another time. Watch for updates here.   I am always adding helpful tidbits to my  DJ HOT TALK blog.  (If you are two busy, there’s a way that I can do it for you too.   Shoot me an e mail at


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