Riding an invisible horse. “K-pop” School dance craze

September 17, 2012 by Ric Hansen

No radio airplay yet  but it has had 200 Million YouTube views.  The K-POP  (Korean Pop) song and dance  is a cult smash.   It’s techno dance music sung entirely in Korean.  The artist is, Psy,  an unlikely 35 year old South Korean, dressed in a suit.  Not exactly Justin Bieber-ish.  But it is hot.  You can expect to get requests and hopefully some who will do the dance.


Check out the video at the “School Dance Network”  or list to the song  http://www.schooldancenetwork.com/


Ric Hansen Ric Hansen (106 Posts)

Ric Hansen is a Seattle radio executive who also created one of America’s largest event marketing companies that specializes in producing literally thousands of mobile DJ school dance events in most major cities across the country. His unique promotional partnership with many of the country’s highly successful radio stations has gained him notoriety in the radio industry, mobile DJ industry and with school administrators nationwide. His School Dance Network website (http://www.schooldancenetwork.com) is the go-to resource for schools, and mobile DJs looking to provide safe, clean and age appropriate dance events, yet at the same time provide high-energy and engaging dance events for teens.

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