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December 6, 2012 by Arnoldo Offermann

146-288This year has gone by fast, hasn’t it? With that thought in mind, hopefully you will be entering 2013 with a full-on attack plan for bigger and better events. With that being said, it’s time you take a look at your marketing; or perhaps let your clients give you honest opinions.

I’m no marketing genius (well…), but I like to think I’m good at what I do. What I do know is that I want to stab my eyes with a hot fork when I gaze upon most DJs’ marketing work. It’s time to pull out every piece of marketing firepower you have: website, business cards, flyers, emails, etc.

“But Arnoldo, I still have 1000 cards left over.” Don’t care. If it’s outdated, they’re getting tossed. In this day and age of minimalistic visual marketing, you need to remember that text should ONLY tell what’s TRULY important. Cut the fluff out. The same goes for photos: Too many photos can be distracting.

First look at your logo. It is modern? Is it easy to remember? Does it look good in color and black and white? If your logo has: Comic Sans MS, generic clip-art, DJs with an apostrophe (as in “DJ’s”), then it’s time to scrap it and start over. By this, I mean hire a pro. Let me be ugly here. If at one point you thought that clip art and Comics Sans MS was logo-worthy, you need to step away from Adobe Illustrat—I mean MS Paint.

This is the most important part, and one that you cannot take lightly. A logo shouldn’t change every year, it should be as close to permanent as possible. Your logo will define the style, colors, and overall feel of every bit of marketing material your company pushes.

How does your business card look? It should have your logo, your name, company name, tagline and contact info. That’s it. The more text you have, the harder it is for the crucial info to stand out. If you want to add photos, don’t add too many. One per side should be enough. (And make it an AMAZING photo/graphic; spend a lot of time deciding this.) A business card doesn’t have a lot of room, so you need to make the most of limited space.

How’s the paper weight? It shouldn’t be too thin and it needs to be a normal size. I know there are marketing “experts” out there who talk about funky-shaped cards (one that’s the size of a hand, or another that’s triangular shaped). Rule of thumb, if it doesn’t fit in your wallet, it’s likely to get tossed. I don’t recall any triangle shaped Rolodexes either. Yes, people still use those.

How’s the website? Does it load quickly? By quickly I mean seconds. If you’re testing your website on a straight fiber optic connection, STOP IT. Check it on a slower DSL or cable connection. Sign up for Google Webmaster Tools and Google Analytics while you’re at it. Make sure all photos are DJ-relevant. By this I mean that every photo should scream your company goal. In my case, we rock parties, so every photo we use enhances that.

Do you have videos? Do they load quickly? Are they unique and NOT generic?

Are all photos and videos current? DO NOT DATE YOUR MARKETING MATERIAL. If you have a photo that shows a monogram with 2009 and it’s almost 2013, that doesn’t send the right message about your company’s event frequency.
Next is your actual text copy. Make sure spelling and grammar are proper and there are no formatting issues. Lose the fluff. For example:
“Congratulations on your wedding! We know this is an exciting time, but shopping for a DJ can be difficult. Entertainment can make or break your wedding reception. [ Insert boring and made-up Martha Stewart statistic about wedding entertainment.] XYZ DJs are the leading DJ in this area! Our DJs and MCs are the #1 rated vendors in this state. Call us today for a free consulation!”
Yes, the above exists, even after being paraphrased. Argh. Consider this instead:

“XYZ is a company dedicated to bringing a unique entertainment experience in the county, state area. Using a team of talented DJs and MCs, plus the latest in lighting technology and video mixing capabilities, we can create a wedding reception that is uniquely yours. As you browse through our website, jot down any options you like, then call us at 123-456-7890 so we can create something amazing just for you!”

Here’s where it gets interesting. The first paragraph was shorter than my second one, but it had more fluff. Marketing techniques such as “#1 in..” and other BS like that simply do not work. “Well, this guy said he’s #1, so I have to hire him”…said NO BRIDE EVER. Avoid cliché phrases and make your copy seem warm and welcoming. Yes, I am aware text is also used for SEO, but you can cut fluff without hurting SEO. Don’t know how? Pay an SEO expert, and DO NOT use the big companies that wind up telemarketing all of us.

Your links should also be fluff-free. Make them direct and to the point. Each link should be so important that if a client saw only one, that page alone would still wow them. If any link points to an “under construction” page, then scrap it.


Your flyers should follow the same basic concept as your website. Minimal, but high-impact, photos should be used with very minimal text. Logo should be prominent, as should contact info. Some of you may be asking about Q-Codes, and I’ve no idea what to tell you, except I think they waste valuable page real estate. By the time one fires up the app, takes the photo, and waits for the program to react, they could’ve just opened up their browser. I don’t know many people (and by that I mean none) who actually use Q-Codes.

Look at your emails: Again, avoid FLUFF! Avoid generic email addresses (— …REALLY?!?!?) and get a vanity email, they’re free with almost any URL registration. In this day and age, there’s no excuse.

Remember that we’re in the online video age. One or two post-processed videos aren’t doing you any good. It costs $100 for a simple video camera and $5 for a table-top tripod. Again, there really is no excuse. If you don’t think it doesn’t affect you, remember there’s more and more people like me who SELL against DJs who don’t have videos. After all, who buys a cake without tasting it, or a wedding album without seeing the photos?

You’re still not done…Look at your bridal show setups, your attire, even your hair style, cologne, and so forth. All of this should be consistent and be tied together somehow in a nice little ecosystem that says “I should be your DJ.” All of your marketing materials should have consistent color psychology. If they do not, Google my article on this.

Oh, and remember…for the love of God, the plural form of DJ is DJs, not DJ’s!

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