Putting More Into Yourself – Constant Learning

On Monday when you are reading this I’m at in Orlando with 200 other business people who are serious about their business enough to spend 8-$10,000 at a conference for business to improve themselves, a far cry from the $49 to $249 that DJs pay for a conference with Mobile Beat or other DJ industry events.  Yes there are only 200 people there, yes we are getting intense learning opportunities with people who have made it in business, and yes I believe it’s going to be worth every penny paid for it.

My goal is to be challenged on everything I do with business.  Learn how to manage people better, learn how to manage the products and services that we at Mobile Beat and BC Productions offer people including you our primary audience, learn how to overall improve myself!  Five hours a day in a classroom setting then the rest of the day in informal networking and coaching sessions.  This is something I have been looking forward to since I first heard of such an event over two years ago.

The event is run by The Lampo Group, an organization run by Dave Ramsey.  Dave and the Lampo Group “define our success by the number of lives changed.”  A nationally syndicated radio talk show host on 500 stations is heard by over 4.5 million people every week.  Financial Peace and The Total Money Makeover, Dave’s most popular offering has helped millions of people with getting out of debt and living a life like no other.

Dave is a strongly Christian man who firmly believes that God needs to be part of your life.  While his message is based on his Christian values and the bible, it’s meaning can be strong for people of any or no religion.  He will not hide his beliefs or alter them based on the audience, and I just love the way he ends every show “and the only way to true financial peace is to walk daily with the prince of peace Jesus Christ.”

Anyways, that’s where I will be this week, and if I have time I will blog about my experiences and look for an article in Mobile Beat soon about the experience.

Ryan Burger – Husband, Father, Publisher, DJ, Wrestling Promoter
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  1. Hi Ryan,
    Just wanted to comment on the $8 to $10 K seminar….you overpaid & over charged you’re really no better than the DJ who charges (this is an example)1500 bucks when all the others are 700 .
    I’ve seen the “1500. ” Dj’s perform and much to my surprise the $700.00 guys do a better job….sure, you may be better at closing on sales…but my opinion is that’s all you’re good at…Now don’t take it as a personal attack…I don’t really know you… and maybe you have bragging rights…we all like to do that a little…whether it’s about our wife, kids, or business…but it’s just too much hype…kinda like the CEO of Kodak who gets his golden parachute and runs the company into bankruptcy.
    If your able to afford that then I guess the Obama & the economy is doing great…. I’m doing good, I could be doing better but really life is good !
    I’m not a devoutly religious person, but I’ve read in the old testament…that it’s good to make a profit and be fair about it…but I think your generation and younger is mostly what’s in it for me…. it’s Just my opinion.
    Have a good year!

  2. When I read about what you’re up to, I was intrigued and excited for you. What a great opportunity. I was not familiar with Dave Ramsey, but I am planning to learn more. Looking forward to whatever blog entries you can muster, and a recap when you’ve completed. Thanks for sharing.

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