Pioneer XDJ-Aero Goes WHITE!

January 22, 2013 by Outside Release



Pioneer DJ today announced a new pearl white version of its popular XDJ-AERO, a Wi-Fi® enabled DJ controller that let users conveniently send music from their smart devices such as smartphones, tablets and laptop computers1 to the controller using Pioneer’s rekordbox™ app.

The new pearl white XDJ-AERO-W offers another stylish option to the current black color version and will be available in March with a suggested retail price of $1,399.

Pioneer’s XDJ-AERO-W features:

  • Wi-Fi Connectivity – Pioneer created a rekordbox mobile application for iPhone and other smart devices that enables wireless connection and transmission of music to the XDJ-AERO via Wi-Fi. The system can also access audio tracks on a computer (PC) through the use of the included rekordbox music management DJ software. The XDJ-AERO can identify up to four devices as sources for music playback.
  • Wireless Direct – As an added benefit and convenience, the XDJ-AERO can also create its own wireless access point when an established Wi-Fi signal isn’t available or not in range. This feature, called Wireless Direct, offers users quick and convenient connectivity with their portable smart devices.
  • Mixer Options and Functions– The combined structure of the system, including two players and a mixer, enables DJs to use the system as an independent 2-channel mixer. The system is also equipped with ports for the connection of external sources, such as CDJ players and turntables, so it can be used as a standalone 2-channel mixer. The XDJ-AERO also features two automatic mixing functions:
  • Beat Sync2 – Pressing the “Sync” button synchronizes the music loaded in each player on beat with matching beats per minute (BPM)
  • Auto Mix – Playlists created with rekordbox stored in smartphones, tablets, PCs or USB keys and connected to the device are linked together with cross-fade2 or fade-in/fade-out effects
  • Simple Jog Controls – The system offers users new built-in jog control and audio effects for unique mixing capabilities and creative music playback.
  • Jog Drum – Launch, scratch and manipulate samples by simply turning or tapping the jog platter
  • Sample Launch – Includes four built-in sound effects: Scratch, Horn, Siren and Laser, which can be stored on a USB memory device and compiled with rekordbox when using the jog controls
  • Beat Effect3 – Four additional effects can be added to currently playing music including Trans, Flanger, Echo and Roll
  • Sound Color Filter – Each channel of the mixer includes Pioneer’s popular Sound Color Filter, which can be added at any time to the currently music playing

Additional Features

  • Users can record their mixes directly onto a USB storage device in WAV format
  • High performance channel fader with slider for smooth operation
  • AUTO BEAT LOOP3 for automatic music LOOPS at specified beat positions
  • “QUANTIZE” function2 automatically makes timing corrections during AUTO BEAT LOOP or BEAT EFFECT
  • LCD screen supporting display of music in 18 languages
  • Independent three-band equalizer
  • DJ software MIDI/HID control capable
  • Built-in high-quality audio interface
  • MIC jack


For a video demonstration, please click here.


1 Requires PC with wireless LAN functions or wireless LAN network.

2 Operates with beat-analyzed music using included Pioneer rekordbox music management software and special mobile application.

3 Operates using music where the tempo (BPM: Beats Per Minute) has been analyzed or automatically detected during playback by means of rekordbox and special mobile application.


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