Pacemaker’s DJ app is putting the ‘mix’ back into mixtape

December 18, 2015 by Mobile Beat

The team that gave the world the Pacemaker portable DJ device, the Pacemaker DJ app, and put the whole Spotify library in your virtual record box doesn’tpacemakerautomixplaylist want you to DJ anymore. In fact, the latest version of Pacemaker for iPhone almost elbows you out of the DJ booth completely, assigning you the role of “selecta” instead, while it blends the music. Pacemaker isn’t the first app to auto mix your tunes (it’s not even the first one this week). It’s not even the first Pacemaker app to do so. What this update does do, is have a stab at reinventing the humble playlist — turning them into seamless beat-matched mixes that you control.

The Pacemaker app already has an “in-house” auto DJ (called Mållgan) that will suggest mix-friendly tunes and line them up next. Now you’re getting to tell it exactly what to play, and how to play it. Theoretically, this means you could take any playlist from your favorite streaming service, and use Pacemaker to turn it into a beat-matched DJ mix, tailoring it to your taste. If you don’t like the way the software transitions between Diplo and Daft Punk, for example, you can tell it to mix in sooner (or later) with a simple drag and drop. Once you’ve tweaked your mix to your exacting standards, you can enjoy it with friends. The twist being that when you enjoy that mix via the app, it pulls the music from Spotify, so the featured artists still get paid (and you don’t need to download, or own the featured tracks).

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