…on being the sub-contracting king

April 4, 2012 by Ric Hansen

I have been working with a DJ sub-contracting model  for 20 years with my company “Radio Parties”.  To me it makes so much sense I have trouble figuring out why anyone would do it another way.  Although many do, and successfully.   So I guess there’s more than one way to be successful.  Go figure.  The subject has been the focus by several blogs, and chats in the last few weeks and I have somehow become the voice for the sub-contracting model.  I am a believer.  With several years, and having done (and continue to do) business in many markets I have real-life experience to prove that it is a superior way to operate in the world of mobile DJ entertainment.   I will continue to be an advocate for my way.  I have shared the basics of my system in an article in Mobile Beat, posted here.

What’s interesting is, I am now working with other DJ’s interested in launching and building a successful sub-contracting DJ business.  I love it because I can pass along my systems and philosophies to guys (and gals) interested in this no-risk, low overhead way to entrepreneur in the fun entertainment business.  The king of subcontracting?  Not really.  Maybe just an evangelist .

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