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April 8, 2008 by Mobile Beat Staff Writer

Using newsletters and flyers to increase your business can be an inexpensive advertising avenue. The key to success is consistency. Depending on the target market, a mailing could be made every two months. You could also fax or e-mail the newsletter or flyer to previous and potential clients with their permission.The newsletter or flyer will certainly become a major promotional piece for your company and execute the following results:

promote your company and any new “ideas” you have for entertainment suggestions.
feature successful events you recently completed
provide the latest in rates, seasonal discounts, midweek specials etc.
Developing A Database

The database is like gold in the pan. You can develop your own database fields or use pre- programmed DJ software.

Fields to include when developing your own database:

a) company name

b) address

c) zip

d) telephone #

e) fax #

f) e-mail

g) contact person

h) type of client (Potential or Previous)

i) category (i.e.: school-SC, apartment complex-AC etc.)

j) previous event dates

k) fee charged, length of job

l) mailing date

Expanding The Database

When trying to obtain potential commercial clients, “Let your fingers do the walking” through the Yellow Pages. You know who the big companies are in your community. Do not hesitate to send them a newsletter soliciting business. Ask them to call you for additional information.

Think about the organizations that would hold:

employee parties
grand openings
sales promotions
installation of officers
Below are some examples of Yellow Page listings to consider for newsletters. With some creative talent, your list could be endless:

Automobile dealerships Bowling Alleys

Apartment Complexes Bridal Consultants

Associations, Banks Chambers of Commerce

Banquet Facilities Credit Unions

Nursing Homes Retail Department Stores

Once you have developed the database, you will find it to be a great tool. It will be used repeatedly throughout the lifetime of your disc jockey business. Keep all the information about a company in the database, regardless if you secure the job or not. With continued solicitation, the companies who did not book you on the first, second or tenth contact, will eventually use your company for entertainment.

Designing, Printing and Mailing

The newsletter and flyer should be theme appropriate. Larger office supply stores sell seasonal type stationary that add pizzazz and flair to your presentation. Make your publication stand out. Grab attention by using easy to read fonts and fun graphics. Don’t overcrowd and keep enough white space for easy reading.

In many word processing applications, there are templates you can use to create the newsletter. Open your hard drive and take a close look at what is listed under the application program you use. Creating a newsletter on the computer, in a “drawing” program is fairly easy. Clarisworks allows you to type text within the boxes you create. You can move the boxes around, lay graphics within the boxes etc. A good way to lay out your first design is to keep a newspaper close by for referral. Notice the columns, titles and subtitles. This format works well in any newsletter. Also, before throwing away the “junk snail mail” study the formatting of the pieces that are visually appealing. You can recreate this on your computer!

Printing is as inexpensive as your local copy shop. Run your copies a little darker when using a commercial machine. If you use a commercial printer, remember that every extra color adds to the expense and certain print shops only print certain colors on specific days of the week.

Mailing the newsletter or flyer is the cost of a stamp. No need to use an envelope, fold your paper in half leaving the bottom half blank for your return address and clients address. You can use this for 8.5 x 11 or 11 x 17 formatting. If you are thinking about the lower bulk mail rates, just remember these permits require large amounts of mailings and probably much greater than you would ever intend to send.

Types of Newsletters and Flyers

Corporate Clients:

Retaining corporate clients is easy in comparison to obtaining them. On the average, you can expect two corporate functions a year (holiday party and summer event). In addition, you may be personally contacted by an employee to work a private function. You may even consider offering a discount rate for employees. The key is to greet and meet as many people as you can at corporate events.

Keep your company name fresh in the minds of those who organize the corporate events. Don’t wait for corporate clients to contact you. Solicit their business several months in advance and fill your calendar.

Example of holiday corporate newsletter greeting:

(previous client)

“We would like to thank you for choosing XYZ Disc Jockeys as the entertainment company for your holiday party in previous years. We appreciate your past business and look forward to serving you in the future.”

Now is the season to start thinking about your 1998 company holiday party. This could turn into a full time job if you do not allow ample time for planning.

“Our holiday calendar fills up quickly. We would like to give you the first opportunity to re- book your date. Please call for additional information on rates and availability.”

XYZ Disc Jockeys is committed to providing fun, quality entertainment. Our success and the success of your event is the result of detailed planning. We hope this holiday newsletter will be helpful.”

Example of holiday corporate newsletter greeting:

(potential client)

“Now is the season to start thinking about your 1998 company holiday party. This could turn into a full time job if you do not allow ample time for planning.

Our holiday calendar fills up quickly. We would like to give you the first opportunity to book your date. Please call for additional information on rates and availability.

Music-To-Go is committed to providing fun, quality entertainment. Our success and the success of your event is the result of detailed planning. We hope this holiday newsletter will be helpful.

“Best Wishes for a happy and healthy New Year”

To see a sample copy of a holiday flyer, click here.

To see a sample copy of a generic flyer, click here.

Nursing Homes

The activities director at a nursing home is always looking for new ways to stimulate and entertain the residents. Your services will bring much pleasure and many memories to those people. Usually, a nursing home job is in the early afternoon. These events are approximately 1-2 hours. Throughout the year, the nursing home plans several “Family Days” where a disc jockey can secure a 4-5 hour job entertaining the residents and their loved ones.

The newsletter can include geriatric information, games that seniors can play (even if they are in a wheelchair) theme ideas for an afternoon party and package pricing.

Apartment Complexes

Apartment complexes are a great source for business. Managers want to create a fun atmosphere for the residents. All types of events are held at apartment complexes from holiday celebrations to pool parties.

The newsletter should contain seasonal information, suggestions for resident participation and them ideas that will spark creativity.

Some resident participation ideas:

Best Holiday Decorations

Residents are notified that a contest for the best outdoor decorations (Halloween, X-mas, Valentine, 4th of July etc.) will start two weeks prior to the party date. Votes are turned into the office. The disc jockey announces the winner on the night of the party. A prize from the apartment complex or DJ company is given to the winner.

Garage Sale

One persons junk is another persons treasure. Residents hold a community garage sale. The disc jockey provides entertainment. The apartment complex could hold a BBQ on this day.

You can make it easy for apartment managers by providing them with the advertising materials needed to notify the residents. Create a flyer for the party that can be distributed. Make several theme related, upbeat, colorful posters. Leave blank spaces in your text for Date, Time and Place of party. Laminate the posters. Use erasable markers to write the specific information for the event. You can reuse these posters many times at different locations-including schools.

Bridal and Vendor

The bridal and vendor newsletter can be utilized in many ways. It should contain helpful suggestions that span across all planning phases of a wedding – from choosing vendors to making favors. The newsletter could be sent to potential clients and used at bridal fairs. Send 25 or more newsletters to bridal consultants, bridal shops and banquet facilities along with business cards. Ask them to distribute your promotional materials. In addition, send the newsletter to vendors you have worked with in the past.

Ideas to include in newsletter:

popular first dances
detailed description of reception format
how to deal with bridal vendors
comments from past clients
ethnic traditions
making favors
budgeting your reception
symbolism of flower colors
writing your own vows
wedding web sites
Check any wedding web site for ideas to include in your newsletter. Be sure to include a variety of topics as the bride will “hang on” to this useful information longer than she would a straight advertisement about your company.

To see a sample copy of my bridal newsletter, click on these two files:

Newsletter 1
Newsletter 2


Keep the school newsletter upbeat and lively. “Kid Appeal” is the key. The students usually make the decisions on entertainment. Also obtain the name of the teacher who is the student advisor in these matters. Include package pricing, theme ideas, and giveaway suggestions. List some top 40 music, talk about the benefits of hiring your company. Chuck Lehnard says, “a picture is worth a thousand words” when it comes to school marketing. Use a professional color picture of your setup and incorporate it into your newsletter. Help with advertising by providing posters a flyers (see tip under apartment complexes)

Target Markets

No matter what market you want to solicit, be sure to include a list of referrals in that field. For example, if you are mailing to schools, list other schools that have done business with you. Be consistent throughout the year with mailings. You can not expect a slew of business with only one or two mailings. Keep your company name at the “tip of their tongue.”

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