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October 28, 2007 by Mobile Beat

After an incredible showing last year at the NACE (National Association of Catering Executives) Conference, the ADJA with help from the Phoenix and Houston Chapters, “rocked” the conference once again this summer.At this years conference, held in Houston Texas, the ADJA pulled out all the stops to impress upon the attendees the value and distinct difference that quality entertainment can provide. ADJA members Roy Dueitt, Paul Olsen and Lisa Walrath all took major roles in seeing that everything happened as planned without a hitch. This allowed the National Directors to focus on collaborating with NACE members and leadership to build a better relationship for both organizations.

While maintaining a great visual presence within the conference, NACE members saw first hand the effects of our vision statement, “when we work together, imagine what we can do!” Through direct dialog and positive representations, many commented that they are going to start looking for ADJA members exclusively for their referral lists. We then took the opportunity to review and highlight the “new” ADJA Code of Conduct. DJ Insurance was another topic that was discussed. More and more event facilities are beginning to understand the value of an insured DJ versus one with no insurance.

The ADJA provided nearly all the musical entertainment for the conference, including themed music, video and other entertainment features for their evening events. We also provided ADJA professionals for all their seminars and sessions giving their educational content a more professional image as we warmed up the crowd for the presentation and acted as the spokespersons for NACE.

The local Houston chapter really pulled out all the stops as they created a customized, choreographed routine to Sexyback called “NACE is BACK”. Through their efforts, ADJA provided music at all the meals, refreshment breaks throughout the day, evening events and even a nightclub style showcase. NACE representatives worked exceedingly hard to make sure that the ADJA was always represented in the best light. ADJA President Dr. Drax worked closely with NACE National Officers to see that the ADJA logo was prominent at every venue and every opportunity. The ADJA was “thanked” from the podium at literally every event.

Here is a comment from one NACE delegate, Andy Ebon. “The ADJA did a superior job of representing its membership on all fronts, at the NACE Educational Conference in Houston. Speaking as a past NACE National Board Member, and a former Mobile DJ, I can say, without hesitation, that the ADJA presence in the NACE Marketplace Tradeshow, its entertainment value at various events, and professional introductions at seminars were all home runs. Individual NACE members are bringing home an exemplary impression of ADJA members for the second straight year. If local members impress them with the same professionalism, it will help cement the ADJA as the industry leader!” More can be read on his blog . . .
Dr. Drax was also named to the NACE Business Partners Steering Committee to better facilitate the relationships between NACE and its business partners. Local ADJA Chapter interaction and NACE chapter development will be a major focus of on-going efforts within the two organizations. This will further cement our relationship with NACE.

ADJA President Dr. Drax stated, “We really came out of obscurity at this years’ conference. That could only happen as a result of the outstanding efforts of the Houston Chapter and other participating members. Those chapter members really stood up and made us all proud. Next time you see or talk to one of them give them a huge ‘high five’ for knocking this one out of the park. To those that sacrificed their time and talents so that the ADJA could shine bright . . . we give a heartfelt ‘thank you!’ You ROCK!”

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