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December 6, 2010 by Dan Walsh




It’s December, and as we approach year’s end, we’re getting closer to MB’s big event of the coming year: the Mobile Beat Vegas show, February 1st through 3rd, 2011, at the Riviera Hotel & Casino on the Vegas Strip, with SIX BONUS pre-show seminars on January 31.

Our show is about your show. The ultimate goal of the Mobile Beat Vegas show (and magazine, and summer tour, and websites…) is to assist you in your efforts to create a complete “performance”—from first sales contact to last dance. As we’ve done for the last few years, the latest issue features reading material from several of our seminar speakers, as well as interviews with our scheduled evening entertainers at MBLVXX: where the “XX” stands for the 20th anniversary of Mobile Beat Magazine. To put it a different way: Even if you only come for the party, this is a Mobile Beat Vegas event NOT to be missed.

So, if you’ve never been to a Mobile Beat Vegas event, we invite you to come and have what could very well be a career-changing experience. And if you’re a regular attendee, we look forward to welcoming you back!

MBLVXX Speakers Featured in this issue:

Keynotes: Ted DiBiase, “Champion in Any Field” & Mark Ferrell, “You Only Get One Song”

Rob Johnson: Networking to Find Midweek Money

Dean Carlson: Practice: Prepare to Be Great!

Matt Ryan: Boosting School Bookings

Rob Peters: Kids’ Entertainment: Beyond Dances & Mitzvahs

Randy Bartlett: Behind the Scenes Secrets

Ron Ruth: Applying Disney’s 3 Keys to Success

Larry Williams: B-Sides – Secrets to Your Next Success

Cindy Hauser: Setting Yourself Up for Success (DJ Start-Ups and More)

Jorge Lopez: How to Reach Peak Performance

Mitch Taylor: Creative Consultations

Beth Standlee: Booking the Big Gig = Big Sales

Dave Winsor: Mic Technique and Voice-Over Training

Steve Clayton: The Club Scene and A/V Expansion

BOOGIE HILL FADERS…Also featured, a complete interview with these workshop presenters, who will demonstrate cutting-edge mixing and mashup techniques, including their unique “reup” (remix+mashup) approach.

We go NSIDE THE INDUSTRY with American DJ’s SCOTT DAVIES, who talks about an MB show tradition, the ADJ Customer Appreciation Party; and BEN STOWE of NLFX Professional, and the tech expert behind the MB show’s most successful hands-on seminar series, The Pro Academy.

After chatting with featured entertainers The Village People back in September, we’ve also caught up with WARRANT’S JERRY DIXON–bassist for MB’s kickin’est party band yet–and the creator of one of the most popular recent dance hits, CUPID, who will be part of ADJ’s big bash (along with just-announced NAUGHTY BY NATURE).


Line 6 XD-V Digital Wireless Mic System…American Audio VMS4: Digital Workstation…MBT LED GigPro lighting setup…Self-DJ Rental System

…And we still had a little room for some of our great regular contributors. Don’t miss the info-packed December 2010 issue of Mobile Beat!

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