December 7, 2009 by Dan Walsh

Turn It Up to 11! MBLVX Preview Issue Cranks Up the Excitement Level

In our inaugural DJ show preview issue, we bring you a taste of what you can expect at the Mobile Beat DJ Show & Conference in Las Vegas, February 9-11, 2010, otherwise known as MBLVX. It’s the extra issue that takes Mobile Beat to a new level…

This is much more than just a teaser or promo piece. Yes, it IS designed to whet your appetite for attending our yearly DJ gear/seminar/networking extravaganza. But it’s through the means of an issue filled with COMPLETE articles by, and interviews with the seminar speakers and music artists who will be “bringing it” big time to the Riviera in February, including:

– Interviews with members of our incredible bill of evening entertainment, made up of some certified hip-hop legends: Coolio, The Sugarhill Gang, and Grandmaster Slice, the mixmaster behind a super-popular version of the DJ standard, “Electric Slide.”

– A discussion with keynote presenter Kent Julian, covering his career as a top-notch career coach and and previewing his powerful seminars. PLUS, get an idea of Kent’s approach to success in a complete article by the master motivator, “7 Secrets to Getting What You Really Want in Life.”

– Informational pieces by seminar speakers, hitting topics like: how to improve your web presence; better performance skills; how to “work smart” and build your business more efficiently; methods for understanding clients and closing more sales; key software skills; and more.

Information on every aspect of MBLVX is inside this issue, provided to help you make that decision to take your most important trip of the year…to the Mobile Beat Vegas show. These include seminar descriptions, info on special events and evening entertainment, and great deals on getting to the show and staying in Vegas.

And we also had a little room left for some regular columns, like the DJ Coach on procrastination; Mike Ficher on how knowing your role can lead to better shows; Stu Chisholm on how to answer clients’ misperceptions; and even more.

So, whether you can make it to the Vegas event or not, much like last summer’s Mobile Beat Tour, this issue brings you the Vegas experience, wrapped up in a great package

(BTW…If you’re wondering where the Gear Book went, look for a completely revamped approach to our yearly gear-centric issue, coming soon!)

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