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There’s so much packed into this issue, it’s hard to know where to start…

First, a word about our dual-theme of youth events and music, the latter highlighted by our annual MB TOP 200 LIST (thanks to the data-crunchers over at DJ Intelligence at This time around, we “give the people what they want”—that is an unadorned bunch of song lists, so we could fit in as many songs as possible. Apparently, more of you are interested in the lists themselves than our insightful commentary about those lists. Go figure.

Beyond the raw data of the song lists, you will find a number of ways to hone your music programming skills to a fine point. Jay Maxwell talks about balancing your DJ musical knowledge and MIXING EXPERIENCE VS THE CLIENT’S PERSONAL SONG LIST Mike Ryan also takes a blunt look at how DJs view onsite REQUESTS, and offers some practical tips.

Covering a current trend, dj day-na breaks down DUBSTEP FROM THE MOBILE DJ PERSPECTIVE, with a little history and various DJ views of how it fits—or doesn’t fit—into a mobile’s musical arsenal. Matt Blank provides some specific advice on reading your crowds and cultivating CROWD ENERGY with music to create the perfect event. And we even go beyond the dancefloor with Matt Windsor to look at how you can help your wedding clients plan their ceremony music as well.

Stepping back from the practical to the analytical, Mark Johnson points out yet another absurdity of the “song count” issue, as he asks, in all seriousness, “DO YOU HAVE EVERY SONG?” Our resident music historian, Mike Ficher, pays tribute to the late, great Dick Clark with a discussion of AMERICAN BANDSTAND’S LEGACY.

Then our themes start overlapping. Seems the subject of music is key for the youth market. Another no-brainer. Arnoldo Offermann pulls no punches as he describes his method for OVERCOMING THE “DO NOT PLAY” LIST PROBLEM. New columnist Laine O’Neill offers some ideas for better school dance VIDEO MIXING as well.

More generally, Marc Andrews shares his non-DJ experience at a school dance that generated some thoughts on OVERCOMING THE BUDGET OBJECTION to hiring a real DJ for school dances. Rob Johnson, along with Thomas Dorsher, both of DigiGames, describe the company’s BIG EVENT WITH THE HISTORY CHANNEL, and point toward a new opportunity on the horizon for all gameshow-owning DJs.

In the tech realm, Rich McCoy runs down a menu of NEW OPTIONS FOR DIGITALLY ENHANCING your gigs, while we REVIEW new gear from YAMAHA, EV AND KINGDOM PHOTO BOOTH. Publisher Ryan Burger also takes along on a ROADTRIP to visit rising light-makers at Blizzard and the major retailers at Full Compass, both of whom happen to be in Wisconsin.

Business-wise, John Stiernberg continues outlining best practices for organizing and DECISIONMAKING for your DJ company,  Jeffrey Gitomer, continues his look at lessons from his 20-year career in sales, and Jim Weisz helps you TUNE UP YOUR FACEBOOK PRESENCE to take full advantage of the social media platform as you grow your business.

All that, and even more is waiting to be found in the July issue of Mobile Beat. Get instant access to our online edition by subscribing today!

Dan Walsh, Editor-In-Chief

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