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October 30, 2013 by Mobile Beat

Most DJs have done karaoke at least a couple gigs, many have done it for a couple years and got lost in the technology. Or like many don’t want to do gigs where you get paid $50 and a tab at the bar. Lets have a KJ’s anonymous meeting and help each other.


Joe is a digital music visionary who revolutionized the professional music performance market with the creation of PCDJ, the first digital disc jockey software package, as CEO of VisioSonic. He is a serial entrepreneur who, from humble New Jersey roots as a punk and New Wave musician, has secured venture funding in excess of $14 million for several startups. He’s now leading in the karaoke space by embracing disruptive technologies to transform a once stale market back into a multi-billion dollar juggernaut. His low-profile soft-launch of KaraokeOnVevo has garnered 182,000 subscribers and over 53 million views, since seeding the core content in May 2013.

He’s created an API for his flagship product, Karaoke Cloud, a streaming music platform that delivers on-demand karaoke songs to both the consumer and professional markets. The API allows software developers who want karaoke content to build upon a delivery method that includes many thousands of songs, ready to be integrated in novel and interesting ways. It leverages a content silo of more than 10,000 digital multi-track recordings of the world’s most popular songs and 17,000 scrolled karaoke tracks, a catalog valued by Flood, Bumstead and McCready of Nashville at $14.7 million.

Recognizing that karaoke was the first “interactive music” product, he’s turned around completely the way major publishers are now viewing the karaoke market by revolutionizing the way licensing and royalties are secured and delivered. That means developers in the interactive music space no longer have to worry about the most expensive, time-consuming and ultimately frustrating dimension of developing interactive music apps – the licensing is not only already taken care of, so is the reporting and royalty stream. Assisted by world-famous music industry attorney Allen Jacobi, all the legal details are worked out in advance so that software developers can relax and do what they do best.

Joe’s leadership in establishing and hosting the annual Karaoke Summit in Nashville has brought together virtually every major player in the field to work together on issues challenging the market, including re-crafting the industry’s image. His concerns about how synchronization licensing works in the USA (which means many music apps that feature video are running afoul of the law, possibly inadvertently) and his vast enthusiasm for how the Karaoke Cloud platform could revive the entire industry and restore it to even greater prominence that it enjoys in Asia is both engaging and infective. This can only be done with the cooperation and assistance of the licensing and royalty bodies themselves, so he’s reached out and involved the National Music Publishers Association and ASCAP in these efforts.

Aware of the need to side-load Karaoke Cloud through existing business-to-consumer relationships, Joe’s worked tirelessly to establish case-candy deals with instrument and audio makers such as Peavey and ION, and put the Karaoke Cloud content on already-established interactive music apps such as Karaoke Anywhere, Smule’s suite of apps, and the innovative Perform-A-Track music learning system. Penetrating the professional DJ market has been a prime focus as well, and Karaoke Cloud content can now be found on professional packages including Karaoki, CompuHost, kJams, HD Karaoke, Virtual DJ and Jukebox Jockey.


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