MBLV ProAcademy Sessions 2013

December 10, 2012 by Mobile Beat

MBLV ProAcademy Sessions 2013

NLFX and Mobile Beat are proud to announce this years ProAcademy sessions at MBLV17 – check out more on the show at https://www.mobilebeat.com/las-vegas-dj-show/

8:30 am Video DJ’s toys, tips and tricks – Nick Covino

This Seminar skips the stuff that everyone already knows and goes into the stuff that we all want and need to know about preparing to wow our clients.  Advances in technology allows for the client to ask for what they want without knowing what they really need. The tips and tricks contained in this seminar will help with some of the wow factor tools that can really push your events to next level.  Starting with a comparison of consumer grade vs. professional grade HD projectors and knowing how to weed out the men from the boys when it comes to hardware, you will learn the little things to look for when buying a projector and why the subtle differences make the different units that much more valuable as both a tool and an investment.  Also contained in this seminar will be a few awesome tech tools and tricks that Nick has perfected over the years using some out of the box technics that really make a difference.  From analog to digital video conversion on the fly to clean cable runs across a football field this seminar has something for every VJ and video tech.

9:45 am Practical DMX – Offering your clients more! – Ben Stowe, CTS

Advancements in DMX control options, and it’s nearly ubiquitous availability in fixtures today makes programming not only an attractive option, but almost essential. As more DJs harness the power of DMX control to provide deliberate and coordinated results for their clients it is no longer a premium, but the new standard. If you’re not offering this to your clients you could be left behind, and if you are offering this to your clients you’ll want to attend to discuss trends, tricks and opportunities for getting the most out of your lighting!

11:00 am High Powered Lasers For DJ’s: Technology, Safety, & The Law – Dan Goldsmith

Start from the very beginning and learn how to sell high powered laser shows to your customers with this robust look at laser effects, licensing, maximizing ROI, laser safety and more. Jam packed full of useful information, this introductory seminar has everything you need to know to start making money with high powered laser shows, safely.

Thursday, February 9th

8:30 am Gobos – Kat Carrlson

Learn about this exciting profit center for mobile entertainers. Putting your clients name or logo in lights puts money in your pockets. Industry veteran, Kat Carrlson, will walk you through the basics of gobo design, projection, gobo types, keystoning, fixture placement and mounting. Plus there are some exciting new options made available by LED gobo projectors. She’ll also discuss using standard patterns to create effects and textures in your designs. Most importantly, she’ll provide some insight into the client’s mind and how to make the sale!

9:45 am Above Average Audio – Ben Stowe, CTS

What impression do you leave with your clients after an event? Get the edge over your competition by better understanding some key principals of audio. This seminar will cover audio compressors, how speakers work and why they fail (even powered ones), speaker placement and phasing (ever asked yourself, “Why does my lav mic sound funny?), gain structure, and a shootout of different audio bitrates. Can your clients really tell the difference?

11:00 am Power to the People! – Ben Stowe, CTS

Amps, Watts, Volts and more! While many DJs are growing into larger events and need production level power, regardless of the events you do these terms control your universe. Wanna know what the heck they are and how to make sure you don’t blow anything up? This is the seminar for you! Topics will include volt drop, wire gauge, choosing cord sizes, power distribution for larger events, and several other useful nuggets to make sure you have THE POWER for your events, big or small!


Ben Stowe serves the AV industry as the President of NLFX Professional, an industry leading supplier of sound, lighting and video systems, a role he has maintained since founding the company in 1993. Ben’s AV installs have been featured in almost every major industry trade magazine. He has assisted lighting manufacturers with product R&D, as well as contributing to the DJ industry through presentations at trade shows and articles for magazines in the U.S. and Europe. Ben holds an electrical license as well as other certifications and accreditations, including the most widely recognized one in the AV industry, the InfoComm CTS. Ben founded this ProAcademy because of his desire to help DJs better understand the technologies that drive their businesses. Today his ProAcademy Event Lighting and Geek Boot Camp DVD is available at leading retailers in several countries across the world.

Kat Carrlson is a 9 year veteran at NLFX Professional where she currently serves as the Marketing Director. She joined the company as a graphic artist and pioneered the first print catalog for the company. Her experience in both marketing and design have given her tremendous insight into both the function and purpose of gobos and under her guidance NLFX has risen to being one of the top gobo providers in the country.

Nick Covino has been a Mobile DJ in San Diego Ca, for the past 13 years, over the last 5 years Nick (VJ Extreme) has embraced the Video DJ (VJ) world to further enhance His skills and bring a new media to the Southern California market. Working as a VJ in weekly club gigs to expanding wedding and corporate event packages to include video has allowed Nick to perfect a new skillset that brings new life to all His events. Nick background in computer network administration has allowed him to use all kinds of creative technology to enhance his shows and bring audiences something they have never seen before. Nick knows the value of the this new dimension of video technology and is truly motivated to share it with other industry professionals as we raise the bar together enhancing our global industry.

Dan Goldsmith is the President of X-Laser LLC which in only four years has grown to become the largest high powered laser manufacturer in North America. Formally educated as a lighting designer and trained in the world of mobile entertainers, Dan brings a unique perspective to business development though lighting which has served him well in his own multi-op company which routinely charges $1,000 per hour or more for lighting packages. He currently sits on the Board of Directors of the International Laser Display Association where he also serves as the Chairman of the Regulatory Committee and travels the country lecturing extensively on laser and lighting topics.


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