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June 28, 2008 by Robert Starkey

The following is an excerpt from, originally addressed in response to member, “BB”. I felt it was worth sharing with those reading “Marketing Tidbits” here on Mobile Beat.

The Sales Consultation

I’ve guided several DJs to conduct their consultations – and works with approximately a 90-95% booking rate. Before I begin, let me state that by the time they reach the consultation they’re already sold anyways and price is no longer a factor.

When at the consultation, remember that this is yet another opportunity to build the relationship. What you’re speaking of when “you go in for the kill” is called a “Hard Sale” in sales terms. My approach is soft. Remember that they have a story to tell, and their story is much more important that your story when they’re the ones paying.

Think of meeting with your Bride & Groom almost as a “First Date”. Ask more questions, do more listening, and less talking. Ask about them as people, learn them as people, and more importantly open up and let them know you as a person. Sales these days are build on personal relationships – we as DJs are no different.

Next – remember that it is our skill that sets us apart of an iPod. So much talk these days about iPod weddings and DJs fearing if it might be their last event – I won’t have it in my town. You will not find one iPod Wedding here in Lake Havasu City, AZ and that’s because our residents are taken care of. Wink Trust me – if there was, I’d hear about it.

As I shared on my business inspirational blog the other day…

Sell with Confidence
Sell with Emotion
Sell with Honesty

Under Promise, Over Deliver.

Your clients want someone who is going to care about them as a person, and truly care about their event. That’s why I recommend to the DJs I mentor that it is important to tell them that you want to care about their event like their friends and their family care about their event <– That always catches them off-guard.

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