Marketing Tidbits: Keyword Metatag Not Indexed

June 29, 2008 by Robert Starkey

In a recent post I threw something at you that would come from the view of an amature website owner/maintainer trying to make their site SEO ready – it was the “Keyword Metatag”.  Search Engines (Yahoo & WebCrawler) use to use the keywords tag on the page to providing information as to page content.  Google came out and said right from the start that they would be gathering data on a site based on site content topic, inbound links, and more. The other search engines then said, “oh – ok… us too”.

Why am I telling you this?

I want you to know what your sites’ keywords should be because it is important in finding out what other search terms people in your area are using. It’s equally important for you to know your keywords so that you can build content around them. But do not waste your time with the Keywords Meta Tag on your page(s).

Researching Google on the topic “Death of the Keywords Metatag” will provide reference materials on this topic.

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