Marketing Tidbits: Garage Sales

October 4, 2008 by Robert Starkey

This beautiful Saturday morning here in Lake Havasu City, Ariz. was spent with my mother-in-law, wife, daughter and son as we cruised around town hopping from garage sale to garage sale. Typically, this isn’t my gig, but when I recalled the business cards that were exchanged when my wife hosted a garage sale – that it only seemed appropriate to find common bond with these item-owners as I browse, ensuring that I learned about what they do and then exchanging business cards just prior to my exit.

So break some business cards out of the box, and bring them along. Make some great connections within the community while promoting your business and learning what they have to offer. Maybe, just maybe, even find a good deal on something that you might be able to use (an item they’re selling).

How many business cards are appropriate to hand-out? When promoting your business, it is best to only hand out no more than 5 business cards to someone at a time – unless you’ve preplanned with that person or organization. More than five seems desperate, while 5 gives them just enough to keep one and pass along four referrals.


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