Making Change

September 18, 2015 by Jason Weldon

Change signWhy is change so hard for us? Google that phrase and you will see over 1 billion hits. And you will find over 1 billion reasons that you will never have time to read. So therefore, you don’t bother, causing you not to change.
I like to think that change is directly correlated to moments in life. Think about it. If you don’t need to change, you don’t. No one ever really seeks out change until a moment in life forces them to change. Sure, we think about change all the time, but do we ever really do something about it? We may give it a shot, but then we see that there are 1 billion things that need to be done. So we just go back to the way things were. We just think about how great it would be “if” things were different.

I think for over 99% of us, we accept change only when a life moment tells us we have to. Then, whatever that change was, becomes our new norm. And the funny thing is, you are still all right. You still made it. You survived. Mostly because you didn’t let yourself fail.

When I was a kid, my doctor told me I had asthma. I was about 10. He looked me straight in the eye and told me that if I ever smoked, I would die. I was terrified. He gave me an inhaler and told me to always have it with me no matter what. Now I was an avid sports player, I was outdoors all the time and I was a very active teenager. I swear to you, I never, ever once, needed to use that inhaler. I am convinced to this day that my mom came up with this plot to get me to never smoke. Well it worked. I have never smoked any kind of cigarette in my life. I still hear my doctor’s voice in my head if I even think about it.

Even though I was 10, my mom knew that I would need her help, and the help of others, to get through the ever-looming peer pressure to engage in smoking and drug use. And that is what I think will help you change more than anything else.

If you want your business to change, you need someone to call you out when you don’t do all the things you need to do. You need someone to hold you accountable to the goals you have created for yourself. You need someone that won’t listen to any of your excuses, but only wants one option for you and that is your success. I truly believe that another person’s help can get you through some of the biggest changes you will need to make in your business.

Change for me over the last five years has been in hiring people. This was a really scary concept for me in the beginning. Not because they wouldn’t work out, but because I was now welcoming new people into my craziness. And who would ever want to be part of that?! The answer, I found out, is lots of people. I had to understand that most small businesses were just like mine. The new hire had seen and done it all before and just wanted a place that would allow them to grow. That’s right: The employee wanted and expected change in the company. (On a side note, look up reasons why employees quit and you will find no growth as one of the leading examples.) Now I’m fanatical about hiring people. I want to generate more revenue, so I need to surround myself by more people to help me change even more.

The next hardest change for me is going to be becoming a better listener. I have struggled all my life with this. Not just being a better listener, but acting on the things I am listening to. I can listen to what people say all I want, but I have to get better at the actions that need to come from listening. For instance, if people are telling me that they need more feedback from me, I have to hear them and then put a plan in place to make it happen.
What is the change that you need to make? What do you see that needs to be changed by the end of the year that would make you better? Go one step further and ask someone to share one change they think you could make. Then, find someone who can be your accountability partner. Someone who is going to make you walk around with an inhaler!

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