Live from the DJ Tour: The Calm Before the Storm

August 6, 2009 by Jake Feldman

Location: Mobile Beat Mojo Dojo– making final preparations for the tour. 5:52 p.m. Thursday

Things around the Mobile uBeat headquarters are settling into place after a busy day of making final tweaks to the logistics end of the tour. It feels good to know we’re finally ready to roll after almost a year of planning and front-end work.

After loading one last shipment from Pioneer ProDJ tonight, we will officially be ready for this massive undertaking that is designed to make the national DJ industry a stronger force.

At About 1p.m. Tommorow, Mobile Beat 1 will leave the office and make the trek “westbound and down” to Phoenix. As any of you who have taken a look at the current magazine know, the truck will not be hard to miss as we roll into town on Saturday afternoon.

I am also really looking forward to meeting with the presenters for the first leg; David Van Enger, Scott Faver, and Andy Ebon on Sunday afternoon. Also, i’m excited to meet up with Rob Johnson of Digigames, who is a great guy and onboard as the tour MC(for the entire tour–can you say committed to the industry?), so we all know we will get a great dose of humor and hopefully some of that mid-week money!

Those of you who haven’t registered for your local stop, please do so at The event is free–so what are you waiting for? Come join me, Rob, David, Scott, Andy, and the local ADJA chapters as we bring Mobile Beat to your area!

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