Live From The DJ Tour: Charlotte

August 30, 2009 by Jake Feldman

Hey all,

Were live from the 13th stop on the DJ Tour in Charlotte! Currently Dr. Drax is onstage speaking on the technological advances that can help grow a DJ’s business, and we just heard from Danny Brewer about running a successful mobile entertainment business. Both gentlemen are new to the tour, as well as the tour’s only Canadian presenter: Tom Haibeck.

The trip down from Baltimore was great, as well as the couple of days off the crew and I had were excellent. As a matter of fact, if you’re ever in the Charlotte area, do yourself a favor and check out Charlotte Motor Speedway.

A big thank you to Brian Hines and his crew in the ADJA for their help today setting up and their local promotion. As you can see from the picture, the house is full and rockin’, and we’ve got work to do. See ya in Atlanta tommorow!




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Jake Feldman
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Jake started his career in the Mobile DJ business as an entertainer for the local production company of ProDJ Publishing (then at the age of 17 while still in high school. When Mobile Beat was merged with to become ProDJ Publishing, Jake came on board as the resident gear aficionado as well as trade show logistics/production coordinator. While still performing nearly 70 events per year for the local production company plus his full time responsibilities with Mobile Beat, you can say Jake lives the Mobile DJ industry.

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