Live From the DJ Tour: Boston

August 23, 2009 by Jake Feldman

Hello online readers!

After a great few days off, we’re back again at the first stop of the third leg of the mobile beat tour! Special thanks go out to the Massachusets chapter of the ADJA (led by Jim Aldridge) for their assistance with the promotion and excecution of this stop.

There are a couple of new faces on this leg of the tour as well as a couple of familiar ones. Doug Sandler, who is speaking live as I write this, is giving an excellent presentation on working smarter(not harder). Another new face is Ken Cosco (who for years led the DJ All stars portion of the Las Vegas Seminar) is going to be giving an exciting seminar on games and interactive activities.

Then there’s Dan Goldsmith– who is still giving his lighting up-sales infamous presentation, who is the veteran amongst the speakers. And Mr. Rob Johnson of DigiGames is the tour MC–providing attendees with prizes, laughs, and fun.

Which brings me to tonight: New England DJs packed into a room learning, networking, and experiencing a taste of the best experience a DJ could have to grow their Business: Mobile Beat Las Vegas. Through the free DJ Tour, Mobile Beat is bringing the national DJ industry to everyone who wants to be part in selective markets.

Come on down and see for yourself!

Free and Easy down the road we go,


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