Synergetic Lightshop – Essentials Edition – for MBLV18

May 3, 2013 by Mobile Beat

slsweldonThis seminar will strive to go over the fundamentals of lighting that every DJ can use on their events. We will be working with both conventional and intelligent lighting fixtures, reviewing all aspects of how they work and their use in a lighting design with other fixtures. We talk about up lighting (both conventional and LED), dance floor washes, monogram projection, pin spotting, programming of intelligent lights and much more.

This event will be done in Las Vegas just before the Mobile Beat Las Vegas DJ Show and Conference (as part of the show) and will be setting up in the real environment where such events happen every week.  We also will not be brand specific, so we can show you all your options. We will not try and sell you on particular fixture, or only demonstrate what we want you to by. And most important, you will be able to get hands on training with EVERYTHING you see.

Overall Course

  • Up lighting

  • Dance floor washes

  • Monogram projection

  • Pin spotting

  • Programming

  • LCD/Plasma screen review

  • Lantern, Italian string lights and other unique lighting options

  • Mounting of all production

  • Power Distribution

  • Business Practices and Marketing

This workshop will start at 8am on Monday and finish up at 5pm on Monday.  The cost of the course is $349 if registered by December 31st or $499 if done by January 24th online or onsite and includes the “Succeed at Lighting” DVD by Jason Weldon shipped to you upon registration.

Registration is now open by going to, while you are there make sure to get your pass to MBLV18.

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This is yet another feature of the Mobile Beat Las Vegas DJ Show and Conference.

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