iRig Mic from IKMultimedia Review

April 15, 2011 by Mobile Beat

iRig Mic from IKMultimedia looks like it’s the perfect interview system based on the Iphone platform. The days of reporters hauling a tape recorder (even a hand digital recorder) or anything more than just their phone to an interview is needed. And for the mobile DJ’s sense, this works out great if you are doing interviews with your brides and grooms or recordings with the homecoming court to play at the homecoming dance.

The microphone is a prosumer grade piece of hardware meaning that it’s professional and well beyond what would be bought at the average Walmart or included in a karaoke system from Target, no cheap plastic here with a full condenser mic element inside. It is a very solid piece of hardware with a metal housing and looks similar in nature to Pro grade microphones like the Shure SM58 that is a standard within our industry. The response on the mic for vocal recordings sounds great. The top head capsure is removable and a non removable 6 1/2 ft cable that goes through to the dual mini-jack so that you can be listening to the recording through the iphone at the same time as it is recording through the included free apps. The included free app, VocalLive Free is nice, but I do recommend upgrading to the paid version of that application through the Apple App Store or purchasing a similar full featured program for doing the recordings. Exporting of the files outside of the iphone is handled by the app. Vocallive allows you to email out the file, export it via Itunes and other options.

Within our company we have been mixing an interview with the bride and groom into the instrumental portions of the bride and groom’s first dance for several years since first learning it from a presenter at the Mobile Beat DJ Conferences. In the past we have had to record it on the phone (at lower quality) or bring them into our office and use GarageBand on our Macs to do such. This makes it much easier for us using an Iphone that many of our staff already carry.

Overall for the $60 it costs available through several locations including it’s well worth it for a DJ to have in their equipment stash!

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