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June 17, 2014 by Brian Lawrence

Marketing in the wedding industry is something that isn’t taught in school. It is learned experientially and sometimes even experimentally. And there is always more to learn.

While wedding business is more of a referral business, rather than a repeat business, DJ’s offer more expansive services that cater to other occasions both social and corporate. Still, we often overlook the best ways to leverage our existing customers for repeat business and referrals when we provide our services at a wedding.

If you have commercial accounts, cultivating wedding business is very possible. Often the individual you may be dealing with at a company knows at any given time someone, like a fellow employee, who may be getting married. You can take advantage of this. Why not design a customized promotional piece that has a special offer for employees that are engaged? 

It works also works in the other direction. If you have many wedding customers, why not ask where they work, if they have a holiday party or corporate function? Ask how to best approach the person responsible for those parties. Then you can develop more corporate business.

In addition to being proactive about generating referrals, cultivating positive reviews, another way to make the best use of your relationship is turning your bride and groom into brand ambassadors. Using them as your brand ambassadors to gain access to other business can be a meaningful benefit to the profitability of your business. But, one of the biggest challenges in gaining new wedding business is getting the attention of the bride and groom. You already have the attention of your customers in other event situations.

So, how can you turn them into brand ambassadors? You can do this by focusing on giving your customers a great wedding reception, and reaping the benefits from that. Even blogging about their special day and sending them a link to the blog, is a great way to circulate your company to their friends and families. Just ask them to share the blogpost on their facebook page or other social media platforms.

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