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January 25, 2010 by Mobile Beat Staff Writer

Since releasing the most requested songs of 2009 (, hundreds of new DJ companies have joined DJ Intelligence so they can include their clients’ requests in next year’s tally.

The DJ Intelligence music request system is just one of nearly two dozen interactive web modules included with the service, but among DJs it is agreed to be the most popular. The DJ’s clients can log on to their existing website and search through their personal music library (or use the default list of 75,000 songs which is updated weekly) by keyword, genre, decade, and other search parameters, or simply browse through the DJ’s library by song title or artist. They can view song suggestions by category. They can even listen to 30 second song samples and view the lyrics to any song with a single click!

When the client finds a song they like, they can add it to one of three custom request lists: Must Play, Play if Possible, and Do Not Play. The DJ can select how many of each type of request they are willing to accept and can even change the labels if they do not like these terms. The client can attach “notes” to any request for special instructions or dedications. And if the client wants to request a song that is not in the DJ’s library, the DJ can optionally provide the client with a “custom” request button for entering these requests by hand.

The client can save their work for continued progress and return to the site at any time to retrieve their saved list. Since the service is web based, the client can connect from anywhere in the world using an internet connected computer (PC or Mac) and their web browser. Throughout the process, the DJ can monitor the client’s progress through the Control Panel and even receive email notifications every time the client makes an update to their list. Upon completion, the client’s request list is electronically submitted to the DJ by email which also includes a link to a printable HTML report. If the DJ uses digital DJ software, the system can create an M3U playlist file so all the client’s requests are pre-loaded for the event!

Perhaps the neatest feature of the DJ Intelligence music request system is that every time a DJ’s client makes a request, that request is automatically included in a real time tally for the “most requested” lists. This means their contributions are helping to shape future events all over the world. Millions of requests are cast each year through this very system. To test drive a live demo site, please visit To learn more about DJ Intelligence and add it to your existing website so your clients’ requests can be included in the voting, visit

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