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May 18, 2010 by Mobile Beat

Earlier this year I recieved an email from Footage Firm due to my affiliation with another industry, and immediately saw the possibilities of using their content as ambient footage for our video DJ shows and in some other work I do for my church. I proceeded to order some of their basic stock footage DVD’s an an average of under $10 each to find this was fantasticmaterial. The under $10 cost is actually done as shipping and handling, but think of it this way, you are getting some fantastic material for $10 per DVD data disc.

About a month or two ago they approached Mobile Beat about selling these discs to DJs and I was thrilled for connection because it was not only an advertiser but someone who had a product that I was already familiar with. After my very positive experience with them a couple months earlier I jumped at the opportunity to work with them.

Footage Firm is getting you a disc with a ton of full video clips that you can use freely and legally in your own projects, be them Video DJing, production work or whatever. Each disc usually 15 or more and at different resolutions. The Time Lapse series I just received from Footage Firm has 15 HD and SD clips on it for under $10 a DVD. At Mobile Beat, we regularly use IStockPhoto.Com for our stock photos for the magazine and regularly pay that much for just a picture in reasonable resolution. This is a fantastic deal on the discs. While I wouldn’t value them at the $149 to $249 list price, I have seen material this good easily sell for $75-$100 for each disc.

The discs are sent out quickly to you and in the case of the Time Lapse footage that I am currently reviewing contain the clips in standard def, high def organized in folders, still frames from them, the license showing your rights to use them, a converter utility if you need it (which I didn’t) and a shot list so that you can keep it handy (I printed them out to keep so I can reference what is where on these discs.

Currently they have offers going on Production Music Collections, the Time Lapse Library mentioned above, HD Backgrounds (2 sets), SD (Standard Definition) Backgrounds, Sound Effects and some specialty sets such as of Winter and Snow, Holiday, Las Vegas and New York City. You can check out all the “Free” footage libraries available at and get the libraries disc by disc at $8.41 shipping and handling each. Plus if you are wanting some other specific footage you can check out their regular libraries that sell for the normal prices I would expect for such material. At this cost I would recommend ordering up one of the sets (or at least a couple of the discs from one of the sets) that seems best for your purposes and seeing what you can do with it. Check out and make sure to tell them you heard about it in Mobile Beat Magazine!

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