Global Truss America Open House Draws 300

July 23, 2012 by Outside Release

Global Truss America

Open House Draws 300

LOS ANGELES –(For Immediate Release) – A crowd of approximately 300 staging, event and lighting professionals, club owners, DJs and dealers visited Global Truss America’s Open House at the world headquarters of its parent company, the ADJ Group, in Los Angeles on July 18th to tour the company’s new showroom and see some of its latest products “realistic trussing environments.”

The new 4,000 square foot state-of-the-art showroom, which is shared with sister companies Elation Professional, American DJ and American Audio, features “Club ADJ,” a replica of a nightclub, as well as a realistic production stage, and other venues were trussing is often used.

“Our customers have been giving the new showroom a very enthusiastic response,” said Global Truss’ Ken Kahn, General Manager of Global Truss. “They like the fact that it gives them the chance to see our products in real world settings where truss interacts with lighting to create visual excitement and set the right mood for different events.”

Global Truss America’s Danny Cabrera was very pleased with the positive feedback customers gave him on the company’s entire line of products. “We received a lot of great compliments on how the truss in the showroom looked’ he said. “We also got a lot of specific comments on the performance features of products like our GT 213 Stand, which has a 440 lb weight and 21.3’ height capacity.”

Overall, said Kahn, the open house was a great experience for Global Truss America and its sister companies in the ADJ Group. “We were very happy with the reception Global Truss received,” he said. “The open house not only provided us with a chance to showcase our products, it was an opportunity to visit with a lot of our favorite customers and friends.”


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