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April 22, 2013 by Mobile Beat

Get 20 years of Mobile Beat  for $20

Yes you can get 20 years of Mobile Beat including over 125 issues of classic Mobile Beat all archived on DVD.  These two DVDs, previously sold for $20 each are now yours for a total of $20 including shipping.

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We made these archive DVDs several years ago and have sold hundreds of sets of them at $50.  Well we want to move out a ton more and as part of our CRAZY BOOK SALES we have been doing….we MAJOR LEAGUE dropped the price to $20 to get more of this in the DJs hands.  These are all digitized in as high res pdf files and are fully searchable, printable, and more all for less than a year of subscribing to the current issues of the magazine.

Mobile Beat Magazine was founded in 1991 and has been the industry trade magazine for mobile DJs with bi-monthly publications ever since.  This historic archive contains years of industry knowledge, history ideas and more from DJ industry experts from across the globe.  Enjoy this look back into the mobile DJ industry that is both nostalgic and timeless.

Tons of articles in every issue (remember you have 125 issues here) including Jay Maxwell’s Famous Music charts for different occasions, Dr. Shock Jock’s appearances, Top 200 charts, timeless business techniques, lighting primers and historical articles you will enjoy.  Plenty of reading material to pull into your ipads, iphones and androids to read while you are relaxing before a gig or during the week at home.

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