Get a clue! Tell people what you do!

November 11, 2008 by Andy Ebon
Tell your story!

Tell your story!

This may come as a shock to you, but people don’t know what you do. More precisely, very few people you deal with know everything that you do (and don’t do).

What they know about you is a function of the context in which they’ve seen your work.

For example, the average age of a bride is about 27. Typically, if you provide service for class reunions, she’ll be having her 10th, when she’s 28. Does she know you service reunions?

If the bride is working, then she may be a contact for a company party. You simply can’t assume she knows either of these capabilities of your company. Brides are focused on weddings; their wedding… period.

The same thing goes for venue contacts. If they’ve seen you at their property for one kind of event, don’t assume that there is either the knowledge, or the curiosity, to understand the range of your capabilities and skills. At larger properties, the catering manager may not even be at the event. The event is turned over to the banquet manager. Even at smaller venues, the catering manager may depart once the meal is served. (OK, catering managers, maybe you need ask the question…)

These days many DJ services also provide videography or photography or both. Lighting too. Particularly if you have added these services over time, there is likely to be a knowledge gap about your company.

Limitations are important too. Some companies specialize in Bar/Bat Mitzvahs and Schools. Others don’t do them, at all.

The goal should be clear: Clients, contacts, and peers should all have broader awareness of what products and services you provide, what you specialize in, and what you don’t do.

To the extent that you can accomplish that single goal, the flow of referrals will increase to a tidal wave.

Put that down as your first New Year’s Resolution. Better yet, get to work on it, now.

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