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June 23, 2008 by Mobile Beat

Monday, July 14, 2008
Doors open 8:30 AM
Kick-off 9 AM
Seminars Salons A&B

9:30AM -10:30AM Keynote Presentation by Al Lautenslager – Guerrilla Marketing in 30 Days Al Lautenslager Best Selling Guerilla Marketing Author of Guerilla Marketing in 30 days!

Al Lautenslager, public speaker, author, business owner, marketing consultant and Guerrilla Marketing coach, takes audiences to a whole new level of thinking with his insight on Finding Opportunity, Business Networking and Guerilla Marketing. With more than two decades of business, marketing and development expertise, Al delivers his messages with passion and insight.

Guerrilla Marketing In 30 Days encourages busy business professionals to hurdle the excuses of time, money, or motivation, and take dynamic strides toward new client acquisition and increased sales by following a 30-day marketing blueprint.
Al will cover the following topics:
• What to Do If Your Answers To These Questions are “No”:
• Do you have MORE customers than you can handle?
• Can’t decide where to begin marketing?
• Aren’t sure how to put the pieces together or can’t stay motivated and focused?
Al will also discuss what to do if your Advertising Budget is virtually non-existent and how to get massive PR without an agency.

Al Lautenslager, public speaker, author, business owner, marketing consultant and Guerrilla Marketing coach, takes audiences to a whole new level of thinking with his insight on Finding Opportunity, Business Networking and Guerilla Marketing. With more than two decades of business, marketing and development expertise, Al delivers his messages with passion and insight.

11:00AM -Noon Marketing & Selling to the 21st Century Bride Andy Ebon
25 years ago, the choices for marketing to the bride and groom were limited: Print ads, bridal shows, and referrals. Now, wedding couples have instant access to information at anytime, from anywhere.Unfortunately, the ever-increasing volume of communication is overwhelming their ability to filter and process information to make buying decisions. Hence, the evolution of Bridezilla, a woman who is overwhelmed by information excess. This presentation will discuss the symptoms and solutions, adjustments and enhancements that are critical to understanding how to effectively communicate with the Virtual Bride and Groom, in this Digital Era.

Andy owns and operate EBS Virtual Communications -a sales & marketing strategy and web site development, focused on the Hospitality, Wedding, Entertainment and Associations industries and on average is a presenter, speaker, or seminar leader more than 25 occasions annually.

12:30PM-1:30PM More Guerrilla Marketing in 30 Days Al Lautenslager
In this followup session, Al delivers a powerful summary of essential marketing tactics and cuts to the heart of Guerrilla Marketing, while taking attendees to levels of success they may have deemed unreachable.

2:00PM -3:00PM Perfect Host Part 2 – Making Perfect Sense Jim Cerone
The DJ is vital to the success of any event. Jim Cerone’s seminar unveils specific key steps DJ’s should use to make their parties come alive. During this presentation, Jim will share his secrets of “show prep,” reveal how to get your “team” together and explain the importance of your “Preamble.” Using these techniques will make your events more personal, more effective and lead to more referrals.

Born and raised in the Chicago area, Jim returns to the Windy City to present this seminar. A mobile DJ since 1980, Jim’s business succeeds with no advertising other than his web site.From 2003-2006, Jim served on the ADJA National Board of Directors, and now serves on the Advisory Board of Directors for the Wedding Entertainment DirectorsTM Guild.

3:15PM -4:15 PM Networking Your Way to More Profitable Relationships and MORE MONEY! Jodi Harris
Being an outstanding DJ entertainer is only part of the recipe for business success. People skills are every bit as important and Jodi will provide you ways to acquire and strengthen those skills. Jodi will focus on a variety of established ways of achieving success through networking. With her strong background in inter-personal skills, she’ll share vital etiquette tips, such as business card savvy, basic table manners and sharing lunch with that important contact. Jodi will also discuss schmoozing techniques that will make a lasting impact on the professionals with who you do business, how to network with competitors, and so much more.

Jodi Harris of Sight & Sound Events,Inc.in Las Vegas,has presented this seminar on 5 previous occasions to non-DJ wedding industry professionals.

4:30 PM-5:30 PM Websites 2008! with Jim Weisz and Scott Kartsounes
Take your website to the next level with this seminar that will touch on website basics, including search engine optimization and principles of website design, and will go more in-depth on interactivity as the wave of the future on the web. Take your website from a static brochure to an interactive destination that engages your website visitors with various calls to action.

8PM “An Evening of Interactive Fun in the Windy City” Salons A&B presented by the American Disc Jockey Association and NorthernlightFX – Plan on dancing, playing games and walking away with ideas to enhance your Weddings, Mitzvahs and Corporate events. The night will be non-stop fun, with Scott “The GameMaster” Faver , Rob Johnson and Digigames, and music from DJ Jake Feldman. Bring your dance shoes, but be open to learn. It’s a seminar and party all in one!

Tuesday July 15
Registration opens at 7:30 AM
Doors open 7:30 AM
Seminars Seminars Salons A&B

8:00AM-9:00 AM “Take Something Old and Make It New” Manny Otero
Designed for smaller market Mobile DJ/s/Entertainers and corporate entertainers, this program will show you how to create your own unique entertainment elements for weddings, corporate events and private parties.

Manny Otero, owner of InSane Diego Productions in San Diego, CA. has found a formula to create new ideas from old ones that will enhance your performance and bring you new business from both old and new clients.

9:30AM-10:30 AM “It’s Hard to Resist a Soft Sell – 10 Steps to Easy Money” Ken Day
A brief history of hard sell techniques, why they are ruining your business and 10 easy soft sell techniques that will cause clients to love you and think of you first no matter what type of business you have. The culmination of this presentation is the 10 item check list for a “Perfect Soft Sell”, followed by open Q & A.

Ken Day, the co-author of The Master Wedding MC a guide for the professional wedding entertainer owns and operates Movin-Tunes in La Mesa, California.

11:00AM-Noon Creating Print Ads That Drive Leads & Sales Andy Ebon
Any wedding industry business that is spending money (or planning to spend money) in print media and would like their investment to work harder and be more effective.
Some of the most important marketing dollars in the Wedding Industry are spent on print advertising for Weddings. This proactive session will breakdown the imagery and copy in ads to show why some ads pull response and others do not. This session is guaranteed to help you design or revise your print ads to give you more bang for your marketing buck.

Some of the key takeaways include:
• The critical importance of a compelling headline.
• Copy strategy that piques the prospect’s interest.
• Developing realistic goals for print ads, now that brides spend much of their research time, online.
• Break down of industry specific ads to demonstrate and explain effective and ineffective ads (With some assistance, ads of attendees can be integrated into the presentation).
What you should expect from a directory or magazine publisher.


Salons A&B- ADJA Networking Party featuring both DJs & Live music from 8-11

Wednesday July 16
Registration opens at 7:30 AM
Doors open 7:30 AM

NorthernLightFX is proud to once again offer their highly acclaimed ProAcademy classes at Chicagoland’s Mobile Beat show. Salons A&B

Audio for Entertainers (8:00am) – A comprehensive overview of audio and how it affects us as DJs.
Topics discussed will include choosing the best loudspeakers for your application and how speaker placement affects sound. We’ll decode a manufacturer’s data sheet and explain it in plain English. This course will also cover decibels, and how to cope with noise ordinances or level requirements. Additionally frequency, power, directivity, the inverse square law, and beaming will be covered. An update on the FCC’s “White Space” auction and how it will affect wireless systems is also included. This is a must attend for all DJs!

Power Management (9:45am) – We’re under attack!
Don’t be held hostage by bad power! Electricity is the lifeblood that powers your entire show. Learn how to protect against surges, spikes, power outages, noise, hum and more! These problems and other artifacts are more prevalent now than ever before! Electrical fundamentals, power conditioners and Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) will be covered in an easy to digest, yet powerfully informative format.

DMX (11:00am) – Taking Control!
Take control of your lights! DMX fixture and controllers are more affordable than ever before, but what does it mean to you? We’ll discuss the origins of DMX and where the future promises to take it. Learn how the protocol works, how to make the most of programming, and the different types of controllers on the market today.


Seminars,events,and workshops on a first-come, first-served basis and are subject to change without notice




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