From The Ground Up: Progress (Baby Steps)

July 29, 2014 by Stu Chisholm

Tuesday, July 29th, 11:40 PM
Got in touch with Chet over at NBC Truck last Wednesday and it turns out that the cost of the aluminum door is within $50 of the composite one. No brainer! On Thursday my pal Adam (Simplified Onsite Services LLC) came over in his mobile garage to take a look at Vanzilla’s power steering and brake problems as well as the broken hinge on the rear door. We just need to limp the old door through the next few weeks while we wait for the new one to arrive. Adam ended up taking it to his shop and had it back the next day runnin’ like a top.  That makes me happy, ’cause I didn’t want the stomach acid that a Saturday morning pre-gig “will it arrive in time” session would produce.

On the tablet tip, Bill from DAP Technologies gave me some promising quotes on the M9700 ruggedized tablet. It’s all I can do not to order them up right away, but I await a reply from Ben Stowe to make sure they’ll do the job. While waiting, I’m running the paperwork gauntlet so I can make the purchase and put down a deposit on the door. Later Monday night, I may have found a great consultant in the form of a DJ buddy who I met through one of my non-industry social groups. He spins mostly goth and industrial parties at various Detroit bars and nightclubs and is a talented computer geek. I’m hopeful that he can provide the hands-on help to supplement any advice that Ben Stowe may have to offer. He’s already given me a few great ideas.

Taking a break on Wednesday for some gig prep and a bit of social time.

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