Event Tune-Up: Working Quicker, Smarter, and Being Lazy

October 21, 2015 by Bill Goode

You are out of time.

lazy businessmanAlways, you are out of time.

Facebook is only a hit it momentarily thing between calls, meetings, and the to-do list. That newsletter is overdue again. You need to put together music for your wedding reception this weekend. So may emails to respond to, payroll to issue, vendors to call, how the heck will all of it get done?

Let’s see if we can find you some help.

Quicker, Smarter, and Being Lazy Tip: Plow through Email

I utilize Outlook for emails, but this tip is also handy for the iPad, iPhone, and other email clients…

What are the types of emails you respond to? Are they event inquiries? People looking for work? Vendors looking for info? Whatever your top replies are, consider using a draft email to respond. With a draft, it allows you to already have an email composed and ready to go. Typically, all you would need to change is the email address, the name of the recipient, and any quotes or numbers in the body of the email. Once composed, FORWARD it, do not SEND it. If you SEND it, the draft becomes the sent email. If you FORWARD it, it still will send as a regular email. Just remove the Fw: from the subject line, and you are set to go.

Quicker, Smarter, and Being Lazy Tip: Newsletter Publishing

There are a few ways to save time with this task and keep the brevity with your email (or hardcopy) newsletter.

The first question is, how often do you want to send it? Daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, are popular times. Once you have determined how often the newsletter will go out, content is the next, if not the most important question to answer. Our suggestion is this: Do you want to write the whole thing, just a few articles, or none of it? If you do want to write it, do you want to use a pre-defined template, take care of the layout yourself, or hand it off to a designer?

The number one answer is to use a service that does it all for you. They will write it, complete the layout, and give you a fresh newsletter on your timetable. All you would need to do is paste your logo and contact info into it, load it to your bulk email service, and press the send button. The next step is to let an outside service handle the whole thing. Just give them your database, and let them work their magic.

If you still want to keep your hand in it, you can write one, perhaps two articles, and paste them in.

Determine what works best for your needs, and run with it.

Quicker, Smarter, and Being Lazy Tip: Stuffing Bags and Envelopes

This is a great timesaver for all of those items you give away in bags, and also a great timesaver if you do your own bulk mailings.

In your area, locate a charity that offers supported employment. As part of job training, you can pay per piece to have all of your items stuffed and prepared, plus you will have worked with a great charity and saved yourself hours of stuffing.

If you have a tip to share, please email it to djbgoode@acwmusic.com and I will be happy to share in a future blog.

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