Event Tune-Up: Recharge!

September 9, 2015 by Bill Goode

You are a MADMAN (MADWOMAN too)! You work 80 hour weeks, take very few days off, command the office by day and events by night. The phone never leaves your ear. Neither does your second phone. If a text comes at 2am, a reply goes out at 2:00 and 2 seconds. Your calendar rarely has a blank white space. Your car is a fully-functional office on wheels. Your work ethic is stronger than the copious amounts of coffee you drink.

Does this sound like you? The answer I just heard was yes. (I can hear what you say, so WATCH IT!  )

If you are a DJ, event professional, entertainer, or make a living on the events industry, it is no secret that the forty hour work week is a myth, and regular hours are not regular. Everyone has some form of office time, out in the field time, or time at home doing something that prepares them for the next event. Family or downtime may be hard to come by.

This is not unique to the events industry, but is prevalent. Long hours and odd work schedules are part of the demands made on us.

When we became involved with the events industry, it was because many of us thought having a part in putting together glamorous events or spinning tunes sounded a lot like fun and we were willing to put up with the rough and long hours to do it. As time marched on, we found ourselves out of balance and away from families and friends that meant a lot to us. Many of them supported us, some did not like what it took for us to serve the client (and our passion) and stepped away. Ultimately, it came to pass that working in the events industry became part of our identity.

Working that schedule, keeping skills sharp, finding time for family, hedging against burning out, taking care of yourself, it all requires looking for a work and life balance to address all of it. The question is, where can you find balance?

As someone who has gone through this very thing, here are some ideas that may help you find not only some balance, it may also help recharge your creative palette with an abundance of fresh and amazing ideas.

First, let’s look at the calendar and how your day can be organized…


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D.J.B.Goode (also DJBGoode) is Bill Goode, President and Chief Celebration Specialist of A Celebration with music. Goode started while a senior at Cooper City High School near Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, spinning tunes for friends, house parties, and school events. Along with a couple of good friends, two turntables, a Radio Shack mixer, and a lot of borrowed records, what was then called Pasadena Productions (named because they lived in a development called Pasadena Lakes) became more than just a teenage passion for music. DJBGoode started working nightclubs on the beach while attending college and working several other jobs. After graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in Communications from St. Thomas University in Miami, Goode went to work in promotions for WKIS (KISS-FM Country) and WQAM radio in Miami. Working there by day and spinning tunes by night in nightclubs such as Desperados while doing weddings and events as Pasadena Productions let him build the skills that took him even further… After a brief stop in Atlanta and the promise of a job that never happened, a radio station near New York City hired Goode as their Director of Promotion and Marketing, unofficialy called the Fun and Games department. While at WFAS AM&FM in White Plains (Westchester), Goode built a stellar reputation as an event planner, executing all of the station events that contributed to the success of this suburban station. He also brought his DJ business with him and continued to expand his DJ skills in what is the number one market in the world for mobile entertainment and events. After more stops at WRNN-TV in New York and WNGC/WGAU in Athens, Georgia and continuing work as a mobile entertainer, DJBGoode has become a highly sought and popular entertainer who can provide the client with musical and visual elements unmatched anywhere. Goode also believes in contributing to the community and his craft. He has served on the March of Dimes Communications board in White Plains/Westchester, New York, donated time to Make-A-Wish of Georgia and Alabama, served as a DJ for the Susan G. Koemen 3-Day Challenge in Atlanta, and served on the board for the Greater Atlanta chapter of the International Special Events Society. He is also the Formal Events moderator and contributing writer for Mobile Beat Online.

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