Event Tune-Up: Have Your Own Holiday!

October 14, 2015 by Bill Goode

As event pros, we love to celebrate. We have a passion for executing the perfect celebration and a drive to keep doing it.

Christmas, Passover, Independence Day, Cinco de Mayo, Groundhog Day, there seems to be a holiday for everything and a celebration to go with it. Some celebrations go for just hours, others for days. Oktoberfest? That goes on for weeks. Halloween? That is usually a nighttime celebration. These are easy to plan for and large portions of the population celebrate them. For some event pros, these holidays represent a majority of their income and activity for the year. Others plan and execute events for all of these holidays, and more.

What if standard holidays and events are not enough? What if you have a passion for something and think it is not represented?

Why not create your own holiday and own it?

What if you became the authority on National Cranberry Day? What about Summer Kiwifest? What about becoming the authority on National Bacon Day and the proper way to plan large-scale ways to celebrate it?

What would you like to celebrate?

Before coming up with a celebration, the first step is to find out if the item you want to celebrate has an official date tied to it. For this, I recommend going to Chase’s Calendar of Events. It is a catalog of every imaginable holiday and event logged by date. Chances are that if an official date has been set, they will have it logged. The book will also have basic information and contacts to get in touch with for more info on the item.

Once you have done basic research and determined the date, study everything about it. Become the authority so you can determine etiquette and customs based on the item, then develop your event planning strategy. Some public acknowledgement is in order and can be accomplished by writing a press release and sending it to assignment editors at local news outlets (this is a free option) and/or publishing to online sources such as PR Newswire (this will cost a few dollars).

After establishing your expertise on the event and informing the news about that expertise, it is time to advertise to your existing and future clients. If are aware of any clients who have an affinity for your item, that gives you a place to start. Spread the word on your expertise to anyone who will listen!

Once your reputation has been stablished as the go-to event pro who is the expert on the item, you will have set yourself apart from the crowd because of your expertise on that item.

So, who needs an event DJ or planner familiar with National Hot Dog Day?

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