DVJ VISION releases Club Visuals Vol.4

March 3, 2011 by Mobile Beat

New York (February 25, 2011) – Club Visuals has become one of the most popular visuals DVDs in the world. Volume 4 ups the ante by making all clips available in both 16:9 and 4:3. “While the bigger venues typically use 4:3 projectors, the smaller venues use mostly 16:9 monitors. Club Visuals 4 is a dual-layer DVD that auto-plays in 16:9, but gives you the option to select 4:3 via the menu. That way the content is optimized for the screen” said Lars Schlichting, founder of DVJ Vision.

Vol.4, features clips by world-class VJs and motion-graphics designers Movement, Chris Andrew, Vanessa Ramos Velasquez and Rebel Overlay. The DVD features six stunning live video and computer animation clips, that are edited like an electronic music track: each clip is 7 min long, moves to a beat of 128 bpm and major edits occur every 16 bars. Thanks to a click-track, DJ’s can listen to the clips and cue them up like a record. The clips are flawlessly mixed like a DJ-set, with no credits or logo’s, and auto-loop back to the beginning. This makes the DVD perfect for non-DJ applications as well, such as festivals and retail stores. All copyrights have been cleared, so the owner of a disc is licensed to use it in live performances.

The 42 min DVD will be available at www.dvjvision.com and fine retailers worldwide for $29.99. The release date is Friday March 11 at Winter Music Conference in Miami. DVJ Vision will also once again sponsor the WMC VJ Challenge (on March 9th) and DVJ Vision founder Lars Schlichting will be on the DJ & Production Panel at WMC (on March 10th).

DVJ Vision is a visuals label and distributor that specializes in the release of beat-synced visuals. Based in Brooklyn-NY, the company serves the growing market surrounding DJing with video. In addition to producing content, DVJ Vision is also a consultancy, installs sound- and video-systems and has a rental division for DJ and VJ equipment with locations in New York, Miami and Southern California.

Website: http://www.dvjvision.com

View a preview of Club Visuals 4:

http://www.youtube.com/user/DVJVision?feature=mhum – p/u/0/-sc39hxNe-A


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