DJUCED™ Partners with Loopmasters to Bring a Common Passion for Music to the service of DJs and Performers

February 24, 2016 by Mobile Beat

Dedicated to performance, DJUCED™ 40° 3.0 is combined with varied, high-quality content from Loopmasters for the perfect combo of limitless creativityimage001

New York, February 23, 2016 – DJUCED™ and Loopmasters today announce a partnership between the two brands that will offer users content in the form of sample packs from an extensive list of genres that can easily be integrated into the DJUCED 40° software platform. Once a month, through their web portal, DJUCED will provide a free Loopmasters sample pack to DJUCED 40° users to help them expand their creativity for producing digital music as both a creative composer and as a live performer.

“With the latest version of DJUCED 40°, we’ve offered a new approach to DJing, enabling users to harness their creativity with advanced new performance features,” said Stéphane Bellanger, Development Manager for DJUCED. “As we consistently focus on intuitiveness and scalability, we felt a partnership with Loopmasters would truly offer these users a constantly updated stream of content as their music styles evolved and skillsets grow.”

“This new version of DJUCED 40° is innovative and was surprising to the industry, allowing DJs to better grasp and take advantage of samples – the heart of remixing,” said Kelvin Kresge, Marketing Manager for Loopmaster. “DJUCED offers a new path, completely in line with our spirit, demonstrating the endless possibilities offered by our samples, enhanced by the simplicity of use provided by DJUCED.”

After downloading DJUCED 40°, which initially includes five packs of Loopmasters samples, users will have access to additional, free sample packs each month.

Upon its release, the goal of DJUCED 40° has been to offer a comprehensive DJ software platform that makes no compromise and remains deeply rooted in the mixing world, while also boasting unreleased performance features.

Additionally, DJUCED 40° also embodies an intuitive and intelligent solution, offering numerous performance assistance features such as Quantization or SNAP and SLIP functions, enabling DJs to solely focus on their creativity. From the veteran DJ, to the newly introduced DJ, DJUCED offers a virtually limitless platform to build, create, grow professionally and share performances with others.

The partnership between DJUCED and Loopmasters brings to life the creativity with the combination of these items, designed to support users throughout the entire creative process.

For more information about Loopmasters visit:

DJUCED 40° 3.0 is now available at, and includes five packs of Loopmasters samples with the launch version with additional, free sample packs available for download each month.


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