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January 5, 2011 by Mobile Beat

Last year Mobile Beat published a review of a fantastic application for the Mac that directly tied into ITunes. We did an update on it a couple issues later when they released an application for the Iphone that allowed you to control the application via Wifi when you are out on the dance floor, doing fades, loading up new tracks, starting them and more. How algorriddim has taken it further with the release of djay for the Ipad.

This application that runs fully on the ipad is basically the same thing as what you would experience on the Mac with the full application but now available to you totally on the fly. Not having taken it out on a live gig yet, but just experimented in the office I found it to be very responsive, able to load up any of my tracks from the Ipad and very easy to use. I was doing a funky mix of Christmas songs while we put up our tree in December and the kids came over to check out what I was doing. I thought they would have told me to shut it off, but instead wanted to take over the mix.

The only limitation of the system is the amount of music you can load in it. With the iPad only having a maximum of 64 gb of storage, you obviously can’t load your full library in. Hopefully as Apple develops the iPad into larger sizes this will benefit us DJs even more.

While I was using it wired directly into a speaker mixing at the kitchen table, you can also use the Apple Airplay technology to wirelessly send it back to supported devices so you could truely be in the middle of the action with all the music and the mix. When opportunity arrises I will be trying this out also.

Lots of other features such as automix, recording, scratching and more are available and I’m sure based on the success of this product, algorriddim will be doing more with the product. At $19.99 through the apple iTunes app store, this is a sure bet for DJs that want to experiment with letting the iPad help to run their gig. Check out for more information and stay tuned as I’m sure there will be even more excitement on this product.

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