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October 18, 2013 by Ric Hansen

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This week its all about Focus, focus focus

For DJ’s it’s not easy….but important.   Most DJs need to be good at a variety of entertainment events to keep themselves busy and to make a living. Typically you need to do a combination of weddings, school dances, private parties, reunions, birthday parties, even retail events to keep a good income flow.  Many of  you are very capable of pulling off a great performance at any one of these, but to throw them all in one pile and try to market all of these services at once is the classic DJ marketing mistake.

Most DJ websites, ads, and business cards go something like this:

“I’ve been DJing for 24 years and specialize in weddings, school dances, corporate parties, class reunions, birthday parties, bar/Bat Mitzvahs, clubs, retail events…………..”  (many times the list goes on and on naming every possible kind of event.)

First,  specialize, by definition means you are better at this than other things and you are focused and most experienced at it.  When you follow up the word with every possible DJ scenario it’s fairly clear you are not focused on a specialty at all.

Most DJs want to lump everything together because it is easy.   They only have to worry about one brochure, one web site, one business card.  I encourage you to take the extra effort to focus your marketing to the audience.  You don’t need a brochure for every kind of event, but you do need one for different audiences.

Weddings are very special audience and your wedding marketing should stand alone.  Just weddings.  Thats it.

Your youth audience marketing can include, school dances (high school and middle school), Sweet 16s, Bar and Bat mitzvahs, quinceanera, and teen birthday parties.  One kind of audience with multiple events all in one marketing piece.

Then there is the adult party audience: company parties, adult birthday parties, reunions anniversary parties etc.

The graphics and copy that you use should speak to the individual audience.

So am I suggesting 3 websites, 3 brochures, 3 business cards.


If you are interested in marketing to three audiences, creating in essence three different markets for your business,  you need to make the marketing relevant to that audience, anything else shouts lame.  If it helps, think of yourself as running three separate small businesses each with their own needs and their own marketing.

**If done right you can get away with one website if you have a home page that immediately directs your target audience to the appropriate page with the appropriate copy and graphics.  Another option is to set up a flash page (sometimes called a squeeze page) for each audience with a separate Domain name.  There are some services that allow you to design multiple pages,  one for each of your audiences.  (I use

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